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Ministers from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland support a partnership uk The Cabinet Office has just said after a meeting that it intends to allow “a few domestic bubbles for a few days” during the Christmas period.

However, he reiterated the importance of “allowing family and friends to meet in a cautious and limited way, while acknowledging that this will not be a normal festival time and the risks of transmission will remain very real”. It was unclear how many homes would be allowed to merge on Christmas Day and for how many days the restrictions would be lifted.

Proposals are likely to be divisive, with some fearing that locks may be life-threatening, and others that the risks of homeownership are not significant. Some, it must be said – one-four-four, A poll suggests this weekend – Even if they are maintained despite official restrictions, their Christmas may continue as usual.

Last week, no locks were left for the Hindu, Sikh and Jain festivals of Diwali and the Muslim festival of Eid in May.

On Saturday, the Chancellor of the Duchess of Lancaster, Michael Gove, met with the first ministers of Scotland and Wales and the first and deputy ministers of Northern Ireland to discuss joint arrangements for the festive season.

The Cabinet Office said in a statement:

Welcoming the good progress made by all managers over the past few days in designing uniform arrangements that could be implemented across the UK, the ministers emphasized the importance of allowing family and friends to meet in a cautionary and limited manner. Repeatedly, assuming that this will not be a normal festival time and the risks of transmission remain very real.

Similarly, the ministers supported the common goal of facilitating a limited number of additional domestic bubbles for a short period of time, but also stressed that the public would be advised to be vigilant and avoid traveling wherever possible. And keep social contact to a minimum.

With regard to Northern Ireland, the Ministers also acknowledged that people want to see family and friends across the island of Ireland, and this is a matter for discussion with the Irish Government. Work is underway to finalize travel arrangements. The Government of the United Kingdom, the Government of Scotland, the Government of Wales and the Executive of Northern Ireland are expected to complete this work this week, subject to agreement by each administration.

A Scottish government spokesman said: “No agreement has been reached and discussions are ongoing.”

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However, Scotland Tories health spokesman Donald Cameron said: “We urge the Scottish Government to work with the UK Government to ensure that Christmas goes on as smoothly as possible. If there is ever an issue where both Scottish governments should put politics aside, it is. ”

Instead of having a new lock in January, most people suggest a vote for this week’s Observer, rather than being locked out at Christmas.

The government’s leading scientific committee, the SEZ, is expected to publish more consultations on Monday The previous levels were not so strong, And that now requires a strict regional approach.

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