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Italy’s regional leaders on Friday lashed out at the government’s new tiered system as it prepares for a partial lockout.Has categorized some of the lowest-rated areas of Kovid-19 in the country as high-risk ‘red zones’, while more protests against the ban are planned in the coming days.

The southern region of Calabria, Which recorded 245 new logs on Wednesday, will be among the most affected Lombardy Area, as well Piedmont And Aosta Valley, Partially locked from Friday, meaning people will only be able to close bars, restaurants and non-essential shops – except for hairdressers – for work, health or emergency reasons.

Nino Spirley, Calabria’s acting president said he would appeal the decision, arguing that the lockout was illegal. “The region does not deserve isolation, which would be fatal,” he said.

CampaniaNext to Calabria, it currently has the second highest number of daily cases in the country but has been placed in the low-risk yellow zone, e.g. Lazio, The area around Rome.

Meanwhile, ਪੁਗਲਿਆ, Even in the south, and Sicily Are in the middle-risk orange zone, meaning bars and restaurants will have to close and people will be barred from crossing their towns or cities.

“The decision to send Sicily back to the Orange Zone is absurd and unreasonable,” he said. Nello Musumesi, President of the island.

Antonino Giartano, A member of the scientific committee for Sicily said: “How is it that Liguria, Campania and Lazio, where we know from the press that there is a crisis with hospital beds, are not in the orange zone?”

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Leaders from Lombardy, Piedmont and Aosta Valley have also demanded an explanation of how the tier system was decided. President of Lombardy Atilio Fontana “Putting the area in the red zone is a slap in the face to its citizens” and the decision was based on 10-day-old figures.

The restrictions, which will remain in effect until December 3, are said to be determined by the rate of Kovid-19 transmission, the number of infections and the number of people with symptoms and the availability of hospital beds.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte “Intensive care capacity in 15 of Italy’s 20 regions will be at risk within a few weeks until new measures are implemented,” he said.

In Italy, 30,550 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Wednesday, with 352 deaths.

The number of hospital admissions across the country stood at 22,116 on Wednesday, of which 2,292 are in critical care, more than doubling on October 24.

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