Coronavirus Live News: US confirms world record daily cases as no infection was reported in Victoria for 16 days. World News

According to AAP, in Australia, nine foreign passengers at the Hotel Quarantine in New South Wales have been identified as Covid-19 because authorities have found more traces of the virus in the sewers.

There are 72 active coronavirus cases across the state and health officials warn the public to be vigilant.

“As the weather warms up and people start attending more social gatherings, NSW is urging the health community to maintain cowardly-safe behaviors,” a spokesman said Sunday.

Although there have been no local acquisitions in the NSW in recent times, now is not the time to release our guard. “

Members of the public are reminded to keep practicing physical distance and good hand hygiene, and to be tested and isolated.

Locally acquired cases were not diagnosed at NSW on Saturday from 24 hours to 8 p.m.

Authorities are calling for testing for symptoms in parts of western and north-western Sydney following signs of coronavirus in sewer systems.

NSW Health said of a network, “This gap sews sewerage from about 180,000 people.

Samples taken Thursday from a sewage network that served parts of the suburbs, including Lapington, Catherine Field, West Hokston, Hoxton Park, Edmundson Park, Preston and Miller.

Marks were also found on various sewerage systems, serving 120,000 people in the area covering Quaker’s Hill, Bella Vista, Calvary and Bullum Hills.

“Detection of the virus in sewerage samples could lead to the presence of older cases of Covid-19 in these areas, NSW Health is concerned that there may be more active cases,” the statement said.

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