Corsair reveals that its DDR5 memories will need better cooling

Corsair reveals that its DDR5 memories will need better cooling

Data transfer from memory starts at 6400 MT/s and reaches 12600 MT/s. leads to

George Marquis, marketing director gives the Pirate, presented at the company’s event tech talk next generation of memories DDR5 this bigger better And too much for Mr. Incredible… I mean, hotter than the present DDR4.

a the Pirate Haven’t released your memories yet DDR5, which should arrive this quarter, but is already releasing information about the new technology. manufacturer that makes lines today Vengeance E Dominator Upgrading its memory module cooling technology for a new generation. as explained George Marquis, migrated from Voltage Regulator Motherboard to the module through a power management integrated circuit. This change can generate more heat on the PCB and DRAM itself. because of this reason the Pirate Looking for cooling improvements for the new generation of memoir.

As DDR5 Memories They will have speeds from 6,400 MT/s to 12,600 MT/s, with capacities standard 64 GB and up to 128 GB for mainstream models starting at 32 GB. In addition to increasing capacity, hot memories that require better cooling can also increase the height of memories, leaving heatsinks behind.

what is daft punk and the Pirate Have a say about the memories of the next generation? and louderBetter, faster, stronger. Here was my first gamer missing the PC and its 128MB Kingston (or was it 256MB?) that didn’t even know what a heatsink was. Time flies as fast as technology DDR5.

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Via: WCCF Tech, Tom’s Hardware Source: the Pirate

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