Costa a Temido’s aid, hugging the president and tragically repeated film

Costa a Temido's aid, hugging the president and tragically repeated film

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Some newcomers make themselves stars on the first move. First you need to know the game, then your teammates, then you should study your opponents and even learning a trick or two is recommended to get the most urge out of the way. able to. In his course, the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, has had no shortage of tricks capable of erecting stadiums, silencing opponents or convincing even the most skeptical. Still, what was seen this weekend at the 23rd PS Congress played out on new ground: within hours, Temido had received his militant card and the general secretary’s blessing to succeed. A move that promises to be talked about, much more than the socialist leadership wants.

At the end of the Congress, António Costa claimed a united party, benefiting the regime and the status of “the largest municipal party in the country”. The prime minister announced the measures with a wink to the left – before launching a peck at many who felt “irritated” at the sight of a united and functioning PS – required for the approval of the next state budget. The question in the air was to what extent the Sangh is genuine.

Fernando Medina, Ana Catarina Mendes and Mariana Vieira da Silva sat at the most visible table of the Congress. And yet Pedro Nuno Santos, the most declared candidate for the post that Costa would sooner or later leave vacant, the only one who did not speak, who arrived late, left the prime minister in doubt whether he had ” a scoop or tha slept”. To this test, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing replied. “The secretary general is a clown,” he said.

I didn’t doubt the Prime Minister’s sense of humour, I doubted it. Support for Temido – “Yeah, it could be a successor, it could be. Two years from now, he has enough militancy time to run for PS leader”, he told the Observer – seeming a serious matter. And the minister didn’t even hesitate when taking the ball… “The future is something that’s always wide and you never know what it might bring,” he said, if only to remember that the best play was always the first. Do not make in the window.

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a hug president

It was just luck. First, the privilege of meeting José Pedro Castanheira and the challenge of helping Jorge Sampio’s biography. Then, second: After listening to the president for a long time, his story will, in practice, tell a good chunk of the country’s recent history. Cultured, educated, like few others, daring to admit my mistakes, chivalrous even when talking about opponents, a gentleman who conquered me without even trying. An interviewer who was no longer one, but who could never be called anything but the president. Hospitalized since Friday, with a complicated but stable clinical condition, the president is now fighting an uphill battle. There is a strong embrace here, with both praise and respect.

a repeat movie

Discover the differences: “The United States will seek and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts” and “we will catch you and pay you”. Two sentences that say the same were spoken by both US presidents in office, but with twenty years to separate them. First, by George W. Bush, just after the 9/11 attacks, second by Joe Biden, after the recent attack on Kabul airport. In both cases, shortly thereafter, the same country, Afghanistan, exploded. A repeat movie? A sign that very little has been learned or that the worst is yet to come? The signs are all bad. sad news. All the pictures give the feeling that we have seen it all over again. Very often, but not as often as the misfortune of being born Afghan.

and pandemic numbers

According to the data of the Directorate General of Health, this Sunday, 1782 new cases were announced, ten deaths and another 41 are hospitalized due to Kovid-19 in hospitals. Others who helped see the end of the pandemic are: 76 thousand were vaccinated on Saturday, another 29 thousand on Sunday.


“PS and Sarkar do not sin in speech, everything is always brilliant, they sin in action.”

rui rio, PSD. President of

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“The Secretary General of the PS was wearing his sardines well, but he didn’t have a word for an increase in pay.”

geronimo de sousa, PCP General Secretary

“I have three choices for my future: to be arrested, to be killed, or to win.”

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil

Hurricane Ida

Sixteen years after Katrina killed 1,800 people in the southern United States, Hurricane Ida reached New Orleans yesterday. On a scale of 1 to 5, the strength is 4 against the 5 that Katrina reached, but winds of over 200 km/h and Joe Biden have already said he is “prepared for the worst”, ensuring that Put the “full force of the nation in rescue and recovery” of those affected once the storm passes.

Bronze for Portugal

The media coverage is far from the coverage achieved by other Olympians, but the achievements deserve just as much praise. at the Tokyo Paralympics, Miguel Monteiro won bronze in weight throw (F40), in a race in which his world record was broken three times. Portugal won the first medal and the title awarded another title to the European champion 20-year-old athlete.

Enter another achievement of the national sport. Our Olympic skater Gustavo Ribeiro seems to have recovered from the injury that hampered his performance in Tokyo Just won, a stage of the World Skate League for the first time.

In our scaffoldingIf you missed one of the results, you can find out how sporting tied, O Porto won And like yesterday, after losing at the Estadio da Luz, Benfica got three points Which gave them an isolated lead in the championship. In addition to qualifying for the Champions League, George Jesus’ team has four victories in the same number of games in the national championship. Is that why the promised election date is not even heard?

what am i listening to

The last few days were spent between two records that could hardly have been more different from each other. NS King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, LW, a good dose of rock, psychedelic as well played, from one of the most interesting bands out there today. doubt? This year, after LW, they have already released Butterfly 3000, tying with the number of discs edited in each of the last two years, but still a far cry from the four shown in 2017. the challenge? Find a bad one or pick a favorite. On the other hand, the company has been Alice Coltrane, who died in 2007. After riding as a bootlegger for many years, Kirtan: Turiya sings Now appears in the full version, a collection of mantras to help you meditate or, in my case, slow down my heartbeat and remember those who use Alice as music in their own right. opposed to see how unfair they were. Just ‘John’ wife.

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what will i read

The withdrawal count in pre-covid life is declining, but there is no fixed end date. Vaccines move forward, our misfortunes lessen, restrictions are eased, but the best part is to take advantage of the opening up to have a little taste of normality that has left us so home. That’s what I did when visiting for the first time since we were introduced at the Lisbon Book Fair, returning from an annual pilgrimage that I had only interrupted last year. It’s true that there are masks, jails, and traffic-worthy signs everywhere, but the truth is that there are books, finally royal refreshes too, and that I’ve spent more than I ever thought I would again. For all that, this time, I leave the shopping list for you, what I’m about to read instead of what I’m reading. In the bag came three books: biography of Antonio Guterres, the world shouldn’t be like this, by Pedro Latoiro and Filipe Dominguez; Memories My Terrible Joys, by Enzo Ferrari It’s a classic Jose Vilhena’s mother’s son. I know, books with enough pages and enough stories to keep me entertained for a long time. Problem? The fair goes on till 12th September and I miss him a lot.

Have a nice day and be sure to join us To express.

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