Council and European Parliament Agreement on Climate Neutrality in 2050 – Environment and Decarbonisation

Council and European Parliament Agreement on Climate Neutrality in 2050 - Environment and Decarbonisation

“Negotiator of the European Council [ao qual Portugal preside] And the European Parliament reached a provisional political agreement, comparing the European Union’s target of climate neutrality in 2050 and the net collective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (emissions after the cut of expulsion) to at least 55% in the year 2030 It enhances 1990 “, it can be read in the release.

“We are satisfied with the provisional agreement reached to date. European climate law is the ‘law of laws’, which defines the framework for the next 30 years for EU climate law”, emphasized the Portuguese Minister of Environment and Climate Action .

“Today, we take pride in laying the foundation for an ambitious climate objective, capable of bringing together the support of all. With this agreement, we send a strong message to the world – just 22 to climate leaders On the eve of the summit. April. – And we paved the way for the Commission to move forward with the Climate Package Proposal ‘Ready for 55’ in June, quoting Joho Pedro Matos Fernandes in a single note.

In relation to the 2030 target, the Portuguese president indicated that “negotiators agreed on the need to prioritize emission reductions over removal”, introducing a “limit of CO2 megatons equivalent to the removal contribution of 225 to the net target”.

On the other hand, “they also agreed that the European Union should aim to achieve a greater volume of carbon sinks by 2030”.

The same note noted that the interim agreement “includes other components, such as the formation of a European Scientific Advisory Council on Climate Change, composed of 15 senior scientific experts from different nationalities, with a maximum of two national members.” Member States for a term of four years. ”

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The Independent Council will be “responsible in light of Paris for providing scientific advice and reporting on EU measures, climate targets and nominal values ​​for greenhouse gases, as well as compliance with European climate law and the EU’s international commitments.” a settlement “.

On the other hand, negotiators “agreed that the Commission would propose an intermediate climate target for 2040, if relevant, not to exceed six months after the first global assessment made under the Paris Agreement”.

At the same time, “it will estimate and publish a indicative budget for the union’s greenhouse gases for the period 2030–2050, with related methodology”.

The statement said that this interim agreement also set “ambitious targets for the European Union to attempt to reach negative emission levels after 2050”.

Both the Council and Parliament have not yet validated the agreement.

The legislation is at the heart of the European Ecological Treaty to allow the European Union to present itself as one of the leaders in tackling climate change during the climate summit, which is being organized by the United States and which is 22 Will be on april

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