Coup leader against Dilema, FHC defends Bolsonaro’s continuity in a column on Globo


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From Fernando Heinrich Cardoso’s column The globe:

I barely wrote the title of this article (using a little Latin I still remember), and I was already regretting it. Will it really happen, or will the year ahead of us be worse? It is difficult to imagine, but not impossible. It is certain that the pandemic, the new coronovirus, kills without mercy and … not only the oldest, it also troubles the youngest; Which makes the situation worse. It is also true that the government with little imagination has touched us and it looks at the country through a small spectrum. But if we look at the world, at least there has been no global war, and the recession, while strong, is not comparable to other crises that have crippled international trade. Anyway, well done, without “panglossism”, the year was bad, but it could (almost always) be worse …

I do not say that to console myself, or perhaps the reader. I say why it is necessary to move forward with some hope. I also know that it is easy to imagine that “it was not the government”, the epidemic would not have killed or misbehaved so many people. is it true? Maybe. But the virus is very frightening and it is convincing people regardless of the quality of governments. It seems a simple way to “blame” only the government (federal in this case) for the evils that plague us. Of course, it is not prudent – to say the least – to replace and appoint so many ministers of health, after all, who, by profession, do not know the subject. It is as serious as considering the opponents “enemies”, playing the country’s role in imaginary divisions. And it is possible to always expand this list of what governments are lacking so that everything can work…

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However, this is not the time. Experience shows that it is better to wait for the time to flee rather than succumb to the end of governments. A little more – if people do not insist on old preferences and if we are lucky that there is someone who opens a more promising path – there will be new elections. Will we change anything?


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