Covid 19 data leak on cowin portal says security researcher but government denies mhkb

Covid 19 data leak on cowin portal says security researcher but government denies mhkb
Navi Delhi, 23 Janwari : jaar tumhi covin portalvar (Cowin Portal) Asel for the registration, but alert Rahanyachi thunderstorms are coming. Eka security expert (Security Expert) Shekdo Bhartiancha Kovid-19 Xi (Covid-19) Related Data Internetver Leaked (Dara Leak) Jhalyacha claim banana come. According to a report, India Kovid-19 Xi related government server data breach victim Jhala Asoon server leaked Lokanchi name, phone number, cards and thousands of Lokanche test results online leaked Jhalyachan Mhatlan. According to the PTI report, the leaked data raid forum or website would have been vikrisathi thevanyat niche, wherein a cybercriminal has killed 20,000 hun more people.

O covenant – Any problem related to Aadhaar Card, single caller sodvali jile, or numbered call

Security expert tweeted Kelly Mahiti –

Cyber ​​Security Researcher Rajshekhar Rajhariya i.e. Breach Hawala Det Sangitalam, Key Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Aka Content Delivery Networkchaya (CDN) Madhyamatun Public Jhali Asoon Googling (Google) Lakhs of public and private documents have come to the index.

O covenant – Kotyavadhi users’ Google gestures, please update Chrome browser or else…

Yababtchi mahiti denam kontyahi unsafetechi takkar karanyasathi nahi, tar lokana faswanook karnare call, covid-19 related offerspasoon vigil karnam, savdha karanam ha purpose aslyachan rajasekhar rajhariya i.e. single followup twit madhe sangitalam.

The government has failed the data leak case.

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Kendran data leaks case nakarlam asoon te kovinshi related naslyach mitln come. The alleged leak is not related to Kovinshi, the reason why the government has come to the fore. The Government of India has issued a request to run Kovin portalvarun kontyahi datachn violation jhalyachan nakarlam come.

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