COVID: Hospitalizations and deaths rise again in Sao Paulo – 04/28/2022 – Monica Bergamo

COVID: Hospitalizations and deaths rise again in Sao Paulo – 04/28/2022 – Monica Bergamo

Average per day hospitalization COVID-19 Resurrected in the 16th in the state of Sao Paulo Epidemiological week of 2022, from April 17 to April 23 – which coincided with the preparations for the Carnival.

Later reach a peak of 1,521 daily hospitalizations in January, the indices began to show a steady decline, reaching the level of a daily average of 146 hospitalizations in the previous week. Last week, however, they rose 6%, recording a daily average of 155 patients who needed hospital care.

number of deaths After six consecutive weeks of decline, it rose again. An average of 22 people died in one day, compared to 20 in the previous week – an increase of 8.5 percent.

The number of cases confirmed by tests continued to fall from a daily average of 4,356 cases to 3,628 (a decrease of 16.7%).

The number of hospitalizations is considered safest in Brazil to verify the trend of the epidemic: records are created when the patient enters institutions, and are immediately reported to the system.

The cases may be an underestimate, as not all people infected with the coronavirus take the test to know whether they have the disease. A good part are also asymptomatic, and it is not even suspected that they have been infected.

“There was a very slight increase in the number of hospitalizations and also the number of deaths. But vaccination has proved effective at a time when life has practically returned to normal”, saysState Health Secretary Jean Gorinchtin,

He says the numbers analyzed now do not consolidate the incidents that have been recorded so far. CARNIVAL, Therefore, it is not possible to conclude that climbing had anything to do with pleasure.

Gorinchten sent the column a text from the Secretariat stating that, if it were a nation, So Paulo would be first among the countries that More vaccination against covid-19 In the world, with 86.83% of the population with a complete vaccination schedule, compared to countries with populations equal to or greater than 40 million people.

“The country that comes closest to the So Paulo brand is South Korea (86.82%),” said a survey conducted by the state government. It is followed by Spain (86.37%), China (86.33%), Japan (80.47%), Italy (79.35%), France (77.92%), Brazil (76.49%), Germany (75.45%), United Kingdom (72.88%). Huh. ) and the United States (66.11%)—percentages updated from time to time by Our World in Data Portal, University of Oxford.

According to secretariat data, “in dose-receiving individuals, ie those over 5 years of age, SP has already reached 92.92% of the immunized population with both doses and 100% with at least one dose.” Among the general population, the state has already reached 93.52 per cent of the population with at least one dose. records 108.7 million doses applied in 645 cities of So Paulo”.

The note ends by saying that “additional dose vaccination has also increased in recent weeks, with more than 26.4 million doses applied. According to the press consortium, So Paulo with the application of the highest level of doses of reinforcement 54.06% The population of the state is ahead of Piauai (44.08%), Paraiba (44.01%) and Sera (43.73%).

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