Covid in the US sees a rise in BA.2 cases in the northeast of the country.

Covid in the US sees a rise in BA.2 cases in the northeast of the country.

The novel coronavirus returns to the northeastern regions of the United States with a BA.2 version becoming the dominant strain, as Congress is pressured to approve new funding to fight the disease, officials said on Wednesday , so as not to compromise the provision. of future treatments and vaccines.

The country records an average of 28,600 cases per day, well below the peak of the previous contagion, with an average of over 800 thousand infections per day in January. There are about 900 deaths per day from Kovid-19.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) director Rochelle Valensky said there were early signs of a new wave of infections.

“We have seen a slight increase in reported cases in New York State and the city and some increase in the number of people hospitalized in New England, particularly where the BA.2 variant reached the level of 50%[prevalence]is,” he said.

The newer version does not cause a more severe form of the disease than the original micron, BA.1, nor is it more likely to evade immune defenses, but it is more permeable. Currently, 35% of cases nationwide are caused by the BA.2 variant, which is expected to become the dominant strain in the United States.

The novel coronavirus outbreak comes as Congress refused to add $22.5 billion to the COVID response in a bill passed last week. “At this stage, our resources are exhausted,” said Health Secretary Javier Becerra.

Jeff Gents, coordinator of the response to COVID at the White House, said there is enough supply to deliver a fourth dose of the vaccine to the immunosuppressed and the elderly.

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“However, if science shows that a fourth dose is needed for the general population by the end of the year, we do not have the supplies needed to ensure that there is a free and readily available dose for all Americans,” he said. .

“The lack of Congress’s action will leave us behind, leaving us less prepared and costing more lives,” the official warned.

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