Covid: Woman with false vaccination certificate dies in France – News

Médicos descobriram que o certificado era falso após confissão do marido da paciente

A 57-year-old woman who had a vaccination certificate COVID-19 A medical officer at the clinic said on Friday (10) that a fake died of the disease at a hospital in Paris, France.

A patient with no medical record was admitted to the hospital in Hauts-de-Seine with a false document purchased from a doctor assuring him that he had been vaccinated.

He had a severe form of the illness, “which quickly turned into a severe respiratory attack,” Jillali Annane, the head of the hospital’s intensive care unit, said in an interview by RTL radio.

He said that if doctors had known that the patient had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, they could have “initially given neutralizing antibodies, which are known to be effective in reducing the risk of disease progression,” They said.

A false vaccination certificate “does not protect against the virus and may mislead the doctor attending the patient”, he pointed out.

The doctors discovered the truth about the fake certificate when the patient’s husband admitted that he had not been vaccinated. He vaccinated, but said he had “difficulty” in persuading him to do so, Dr. Annan explained.

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