Crab spider: discover the giant arachnid found by Brazilians in a bathroom in Australia | Santos and Region

Crab spider: discover the giant arachnid found by Brazilians in a bathroom in Australia | Santos and Region

Brazilian couple in Australia finds ‘giant’ spider in bathroom

A Brazilian couple was terrified when they found a crab spider (Heteropoda venatoria) In the bathroom of the apartment where they live in Australia. Until G1experts explain what to do if the species is encountered at home. This animal is present in Brazil and is even more common in tropical areas such as Baixada Santista (SP).

The 27-year-olds lived in Praia Grande on the coast of Sao Paulo before moving to the Gold Coast in 2023. Victoria and Gabriel Magliani said the discovery of the crab spider marked their “baptism” with “scary” animals in the country. in Oceania (See above).

Crab spider (Heteropoda venatoria) – Photo: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

till G1Veterinarian Gabriel Silva, who works at “Salvator”, a project that serves wild animals, said crab spiders can grow between 10 and 15 centimetres long, with females being the largest of the species.

Herpetologist Danilo Sato Martins, who specializes in wild and exotic animals, explained the name of the species. According to him, the formation of long legs means that the spiders can move sideways, like crabs.

According to Gabriel, this species comes from the Asian continent, but can be found all over the world. Danilo said that crab spiders are more common in tropical areas, such as Baixada Santista (SP), for example.

According to Danilo, they are nocturnal and tend to be more stealthy. There are even records of them being seen in bunches of bananas.

Brazilian couple found a ‘giant’ spider in the bathroom in Australia – Photo: Reproduction/Social Network

Are crab spiders poisonous?

“At the time of a bite, you should only clean the area with running water and soap,” the veterinarian advised. “In case of severe swelling or other symptoms, one should seek medical help,” he added.

When finding spiders, even if they are indoors, the Butantan Institute said the ideal is to call the Zoonosis Control Center or the area’s fire department. The guidance is intended to protect people from the risk of being stung.

Extraction of brown spider venom for antiarachnid serum – Photo: Divulgação/Instituto Butantan

In the case of crab spiders, Danilo explained that anti-arachnid serum is not necessary. According to the leaflet from the Butantan Institute, the solution is indicated for moderate and severe accidents caused by spiders, in addition to the species that cause poisoning. Loxosceles (brown spider) and Phoneutria (armor spider), as well as Tityus scorpions (brown and yellow).

As described in the organization’s document, most minor accidents do not require anti-venom treatment.

Tips to avoid accidents caused by spiders at home:

  • Always check clothes before wearing and towels before drying;
  • Knock your shoes to see if there is anyone inside;
  • Avoid letting bed sheets and covers touch the floor, which they could use to climb onto the bed;
  • Seal the gaps and holes around doors and windows in the walls of the house.

This incident happened in the bathroom of the apartment where the young people live in Gold Coast. This city is about a thousand kilometers away from the capital of Australia, Canberra.

“We prepare a lot for everything, not just for seeing kangaroos,” he joked. “We were scared because she was so big. I was really scared. If it wasn’t Gabriel, I don’t know what I would have done, because I wouldn’t have had the courage to hit her, let alone catch her.”

According to the couple, the crab spider was more than 15 centimeters long. To get the animal out of the house, Gabriel used a jar to catch it and then opened the container in the backyard of the building. “There was no point in killing it,” he explained.

Brazilians give up careers to seek ‘fresh start’ in Australia

Victoria Maria de Souza Magliani worked as a tax analyst at a multinational company, and her husband, Gabriel Magliani da Silva, worked as a field technician at an advertising company.

He decided to leave his career in Praia Grande (SP), the city where he lived, to “live a dream” in Australia. The ‘adventure’ is recorded in a kind of ‘online diary’ on a profile called ‘O Casal Sem Raíz’, which has more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram.

“We planned a lot and it’s always been our dream,” said Victoria. “From the moment we got here until now, we haven’t thought about going back, quite the contrary.”

Couple was thrilled to ‘meet’ kangaroos in Australia – Photo: Personal Archive

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