Criticizing a lot of games, Neymar should become a Fournite character internationally

Criticizing a lot of games, Neymar should become a Fournite character internationally


Striped Neymar
, Whom the French press allegedly devoted themselves to not recovering from his injury and criticized the games and reality show Big Brother Brasil for showing during the early hours.
, The famous Fortnite, could be the next character to join the cast of an online electronic game developed by Epic Games.

Speculation began after a teaser was posted by the game’s official Twitter account. It is possible to focus on a number 10 shirt and the 2014 World Cup ball. Just after that, the player himself reacted to the tweet with a small-eyed emoji, which shows that he clearly knows something.

A few days ago, the Brazilian account of Fortnite had already made an alleged reference to Neymar, featuring a drawing of the Gloop truck on a football field, with the caption written “I’m coming with the Gloop truck, people! “. The publication recalls the athlete’s famous phrase, which said: “I’m coming with refreshments, people !!”. In addition, for a few hours, the national account of the game’s avatar was exchanged with Mohawk for an animal that resembles an athlete’s hair during his time as a player at Santo.

Season 6 will be released on the 16th, and assuming that Starr can appear in the game, it’s good to remember that he too is a fan of the game and may be “watching” the new release. Nothing has been officially revealed yet.

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