Dangerous Detective: Malicious apps can control all Android functions. Digital look

Dangerous Detective: Malicious apps can control all Android functions.  Digital look
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Malicious app can control all functions of android phone

Experts have found a new spy app, classified as sophisticated, that monitors WhatsApp or SMS messages from cameras and even cell phones. Android
. An application capable of activating microphones and transmitting call data and documents stored on cell phones, was never registered play store
, The official Google store.

The discovery was announced by security company Zimperium and is capable of accessing almost all data and resources on smartphones.

Hey Detective program
Disguised as a system update arrives on the user’s cell phone and is installed along with other applications delivered in alternative stores. Once installed, it hides the icon itself and disappears from the main list, making it difficult to remove.

What attracts the attention of experts is the wide scope of the program for access to data over the telephone. The app accesses the Internet and receives commands from a control server, which indicates whether data should be collected.

There are all types of information monitored Messages exchanged via SMS
And the app como o WhatsApp
. If the phone has root access, the spy “sees” the entire database, including Deleted messages

GPS location data can also be monitored. The device’s microphone and camera are capable of recording calls, taking photos and recording videos, which are exported in miniature to reduce data consumption. The application also accesses documents in PDF and Microsoft Office files under 30 MB.

The emergence of the new spy app confirms security recommendations for Android users: Avoid informal shops
N “Root” will not process
, Because the engine takes advantage of malicious application capabilities.

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