Daniel Alves repeats Julio Cesar’s formula for going into the World Cup

Ouro nos Jogos de Tóquio-2020, o lateral-direito Daniel Alves teve aval de Tite antes de acertar com o Pumas, do México -  (crédito: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF)

Posted 7/21/2022 5:23 PM / Updated 7/21/2022 5:23 PM

Daniil Alves was approved by the tight before hitting the Pumas from Mexico, gold at the Tokyo 2020 Games – (Credit: Lucas Figueredo / CBF)

Daniel Alves has a new team four months before the start of the World Cup. Stuck in Athletico-PR, the 39-year-old right-back announced a deal with Mexico’s Pumas, and he should become the second player called by the Brazil national team for the World Cup, representing a CONCACAF club. – North, Central and Caribbean regions.

Daniel Alves’ strategy is reminiscent of Julio Caesar’s. The player, the holder of Luiz Felipe Scolari in winning the Confederations Cup, was pitted against England’s Queens Park Rangers reserve. Without playing he could see the increasing pressure on the yellow-green commander. Julio Cesar’s substitute was a loan to Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC nine months before the Cup. He became a starter in the Canadian team, secured a place at the World Cup in Brazil and became a hero in the penalty shootout against Chile in the round of 16 after a 1–1 draw in regulation and extra time.

Daniel Alves comes to Pumas not only for himself and for the club, but mainly to fill the need for a replacement for fellow right-back Alan Mozzo, who did not renew his contract. Dani was chosen by the Mexican club to receive the position. Transaction amount is kept confidential.

Puma is one of Mexico’s most traditional teams and was a finalist in the final edition of the Conchachampions against the Seattle Sounders from the United States. In the new club, which has not won Liga MX since 2011, the side will play with two other Brazilian players: striker Diogo, who defended Francana-SPM, and midfielder Higor Merito, ex-Botafogo-SP.

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Daniel Alves’s last club was Barcelona. His visit to Camp Nou was discreet. Coach Xavi Hernandez told his former teammate that he will no longer be with him in the 2022/2023 season. Before moving to the Blu-Grana club, Daniel Alves defended So Paulo and left the club in a judicial arm wrestling. The salary of the Tricolor Board was in arrears and in the process the agreed amount was paid to the party monthly.

Before the official announcement, Daniel Alves showed signs of success on the social network. He posted a picture with the caption: “A sign”. The image featured artist Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico’s most famous figures.

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