Daniellist wears a G-string against Covid and is out of flight. last second

Daniellist wears a G-string against Covid and is out of flight.  last second


A Florida (USA) resident was deboarded from a United Airlines flight for wearing a G-string as an anti-Covid mask to protest a US airline’s mandatory anti-coronavirus protection order following federal protocol .

The passenger, 38-year-old Adam Jane, told NBC2 that he believed it complied with the airline’s mask mandate because, in his opinion, the G-string covered his nose and mouth during a December 15 flight between Fort. was covered properly. Lauderdale and Washington, DC

However, the airline staff did not agree to it and deboarded them.

“It’s all theater,” protested Denial, who wore a President Joe Biden shirt.

Jane, who compared herself to civil rights icon and pioneer Rosa Parks, said she had worn a loincloth on several previous flights, to a mixed reaction from crew members.

“Everything that changed this country started with ordinary people. Rosa Parks wasn’t famous. She changed the course of history,” Jane told WBBH.

Adam said he would not give up the protest and hoped another company would treat him better. He has been banned from flying on United until his case is reviewed

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