Darlan Romani is indoor world champion at COB honors day for former athletes

Darlan Romani is indoor world champion at COB honors day for former athletes

brazilian Darlan Romani made history indoor world cup Of shot put This Saturday broke the competition record to win gold in Serbia. It is Brazil’s first medal in shot put at the World Cup and also the first medal in Darlan’s career. The 30-year-old from Santa Catarina was joined by Zequinha Barbosa (800m), Fabiana Maurer (pole vault) and Mauro Vinicius “Duda” da Silva (long jump).

Darlan beats American in Serbia’s capital Belgrade ryan crosserThe current two-time Olympic champion, reaching the mark of 22.53m, 29 centimeters from the championship record and the historic indoor world record, which belongs to Krauser. In addition to displacing his opponent, who had not lost a competition for three years, Romani improved to his career-best record in indoor competitions.

“Our medal came and with a competition record. The responsibility goes even further. I knocked down a wall, a wall that was with this fourth place. I hit the beam several times. Our dream was to make history and we had a And a step taken”, said the athlete for the social network of the Confederation of Athletics of Brazil (CBAT).

Darlan came from two fourth places in load testing at Portland-2016 in the United States and Birmingham-2018 in Great Britain.

It is Brazil’s fifth gold medal in Indoor World Cup history, with five silver and six bronze. After finishing fourth at the Tokyo Olympics, winning gold at the Pan American Games in Lima in 2019 and gold medals at the Military World Games in 2015 and 2019, Darlan Romani continues to experience a great moment in his career.

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Brazil started the competition well in Belgrade with a throw of 21.74m. Immediately, she broke the South American indoor record she had set by winning gold in Cochabamba, Bolivia with a time of 21.71m. It showed consistency and kept getting better.

He shot 21.79m in the second attempt and then hit the 22m mark – 22.53m – to overtake Ryan Krauser and Tomas Walsh in third place. On the fourth pitch, Darlan threw 21.31 m, burning the fifth, but took the lead in the pitches of the sixth and final round. He saw his direct opponents fail, throwing 22.18m in the final attempt and celebrating the title. In celebration, he took an Olympic lap on the 200m track at Stark Arena.

COB. tribute to

Darlan’s feat happens on the same day Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) immortalizes three former athletes in his hall of fameboxer Servilio de Oliveirajudoka aurelius migueli And fluffeminent player Brazil volleyball team,

The Brazilian Olympic Committee immortalized the hands of three Olympic champions in its Hall of Fame this Saturday. Among those honored included bronze at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico and Brazil’s first boxing medalist, Aurelio Miguel, a judoka who won gold in Seoul in 1988 and bronze in Atlanta in 1996, and volleyball Fofao, Helia Rosario de Souza Pinto, were honored. Gold in Beijing in 2008 and bronze in Atlanta in 1996 and Sydney in 2000.

The molds were made at a ceremony in the city of Salvador. COB President Paulo Vanderli Teixeira praised the great athletes of Brazil and mentioned some of the recent achievements by the country in the Olympic Games.

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“If today Brazil comes to the Olympic Games with the condition of contention over several Olympic medals, winning 21 podiums in the previous edition, in Tokyo, it was because other great athletes led the way. Paramount importance. Olympic defense and heroism Brazil The memory of the COB is one of the missions”, said the President of the COB.

Servilio de Oliveira, 73, won the first Brazilian Olympic medal in the history of the Games in Mexico City. The athlete fought 19 fights in professional boxing and won all of them. The former boxer thanked him for the tribute and highlighted the importance of giving importance to the history of the national sport. Aurelio Miguel, who won an unprecedented gold medal for Brazil’s judo, also thanked the tribute and stressed the importance of laws encouraging the sport.

“It is important to preserve the memory and memory of the Olympic Games in Brazil. When I participated in the Olympic Games in Seoul, I was the seventh gold medalist in Brazil. Since 1998, we have received incentive laws, which allowed us to compete in Tokyo 2020 alone. “We had gold medals, for example, in boxing, sailing, water marathons, surfing, canoeing and artistic gymnastics”, said Aurelio.

Fofao, a 17-year-old representative of 340 sports for the Brazilian volleyball team, also praised the celebrations. “I am so happy and I feel moved by the tribute. It is great to see great friends that we have had the opportunity to get closer to the audience here and on stage next to me. This is one of those moments when We thank the sport for everything it has given me. I am very grateful to everyone who contributed to my career”, said Fofo.

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The Brazilian Olympic Committee Hall of Fame was created in 2018 and holds 20 honorees, including athletes and coaches from Olympic disciplines. All members will have their molds published to preserve the Olympic memory created by the COB.

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