Data Sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook: Understand what is known and what is to be clarified. Technology

WhatsApp warns that it will share user data with Facebook technology

The text provides for more information about data sharing FacebookEarlier this year, the owner of the app.

Communication about new words generated doubts, negative feedback and concerns about privacy. Applications Competitors like telegram I Signal millions downloaded Time after that

Understand what is known about this change and what remains to be clarified below.

  1. What did WhatsApp announce?
  2. Does this mean that WhatsApp and Facebook can read my messages?
  3. Why does the app not guarantee privacy in chat with companies?
  4. What has changed in the new policy?
  5. What does WhatsApp share with Facebook?
  6. How long does WhatsApp share information with Facebook?
  7. Can I choose not to share data with Facebook?
  8. Why does WhatsApp collect this data?
  9. What does whatsapp say?
  10. How do I know that I have authorized Facebook to access my WhatsApp data?

What did WhatsApp announce?

Applications started showing, in early 2021, A. Notice of change in your policy Privacy.

In the document, News about sharing data with facebook, dono app do.

People were required to agree to the new rules by 8 February to continue using WhatsApp, but Deadline extended And the policy will not go into effect until May 15.

Notification with information on WhatsApp’s new privacy rules and policies. – Photo: reproduction / personal collection

Does this mean that WhatsApp and Facebook can read my messages?

Conversations between two common accounts or groups cannot be read by WhatsApp, Facebook or any third party.

Application uses End-to-end encryption, Which means that only the sender and recipient can see the message.

The new privacy policy, however, Fails to guarantee this security in conversations with business accounts, Used by companies (Understand more below).

Why does the app not guarantee privacy in chat with companies?

These devices are sold by technology companies. Some of them, as evidenced by Facebook, provide options for hosting dialogs with customers.

Since a third party stores and manages with companies, WhatsApp cannot guarantee end-to-end encryption for these chats.

O app Defends by saying that it warns users and interaction with a business account is optional.

When a person initiates a chat with these accounts, the app shows a notice at the top of the chat that says “You’re chatting with a business account”.

WhatsApp notice when contacting company account. – Photo: reproduction

From now on, Facebook will also offer this hosting. The novelty was announced in October And the new privacy policy addresses interactions with companies in more detail.

Predicts another policy change Data generated in these interactions We can become Used by companies to target ads On Facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp says the new privacy policy focuses on interaction with companies, but The new text confirms the collection of data that was not present in the previous version of the document.

Among them: battery charge, cell phone operator, operator signal strength, and Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram identifiers, which allow data from the same user to cross across three platforms.

Hey Location data snippet has also been modified And states that “even if you do not use our location-related resources, we use IP addresses and other data such as phone number area codes to calculate your location”.

What does WhatsApp share with Facebook?

The data that WhatsApp has shared with Facebook mentioned in its privacy policy are:

According to the company, the information can be used for:

  • Help improve infrastructure and distribution systems;
  • Understand how services are used;
  • Promote protection, safety and integrity in all products;
  • Improvements to services and experiences, including suggestions for users (such as recommending content, adding groups or friends);
  • Integration to connect WhatsApp to other Facebook products.

The last item mentions integration with Facebook Pay, Aadhaar Whatsapp payment, Which came to trial in Brazil last year, but was Blocked by Central Bank and CAD..

How long does WhatsApp share information with Facebook?

Since 2016 Whatsapp presented The first major change to its privacy policy was two years after Facebook bought it.

At that time, it was revealed that Messenger would start sharing information with the social network.

Can I choose not to share data with Facebook?

In 2016, people using WhatsApp could deny data exchange with Facebook, but Only 30 days were To take advantage of this option. On the other hand, new accounts could not be selected.

Many people have been sharing data with Facebook since 2016.

With the new policy changes in 2021 and an ultimatum to accept the news, it was felt that this data sharing would become mandatory for all, even those who denied it in 2016 .

Whatsapp told G1 what Continues to respect users’ choices Who decided not to share their data at that time. However, This point is not mentioned in any part of the application.

To know if you are sharing information with Facebook, you need to download the data from your account (See how to do it below).

Why does WhatsApp collect this data?

Rights representatives briefed on Network Alliance, a group of educational and civil society institutions protecting the Digital Alliance G1 Who are in touch with WhatsApp to understand the news and There are still gaps.

“Privacy Policy Does not explain specific reasons for collecting some data. The document states what information has been obtained and for what purposes it can normally be used, but it is not possible to understand the purpose of each of these collections “, Jose Renato, one of the authority in the Network Alliance The member said.

according to him, There are contradictions. The app recently published a page containing frequently asked questions claiming that it protected users ‘privacy and the company could not see users’ locations, but the policy term says otherwise.

WhatsApp caused WhatsApp to reveal itself, confirming that the content of messages and calls is protected by encryption and cannot be accessed by the company, and that The data that is shared between him and Facebook remains the same Since 2016.

“This update does not change the data sharing practices between WhatsApp and Facebook, and does not affect how people communicate privately with their friends and family anywhere in the world,” the app said in a statement said G1.

How do I know that I have authorized Facebook to access my WhatsApp data?

WhatsApp states that in order to know if a user agreed to share their information with Facebook in 2016, it is necessary to download the information from their app account. See step by step:

  1. Open or whatsapp;
  2. Reach to Adjustment (Three-point menu on Android or settings on iPhone);
  3. Touch “Accounts“Choose more”Request account data“;
  4. The report containing your data will be available in three days.

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