Del Toro Explains That Quoting Silent Hill On TGA Was “Poking Konami” By PTE

Del Toro explica que citar Silent Hill na TGA foi para

guillermo del toro gave a brief appearance on The Game Awards 2021 To announce the winners of the Best Art Direction category, but everyone was surprised when they suddenly mentioned it Silent Hill in the middle of the speech.

“Do you know an art direction that I really like? Silent Hill, Too bad we can’t have another of these!”, Film Producer Declared — and it was enough for fans to rekindle rumors that a new franchise game is on the way. However, it seems that is not the case.

In an interview for the podcast happy sad confuseddel Toro clarified that the statement was only a provocative statement against him konami, since the company was responsible for the cancellation silent Hills, which will be directed by Hideo Kojima.

“No, I’m not [trabalhando em novo Silent Hill], It’s one of those things in life that doesn’t make sense. I just wanted to poke Konami in the ribs because I still didn’t understand. [Silent Hills] It was great, what we were making was so captivating.”

In addition, del Toro explained that he believes the way games tell stories is engaging, but that he no longer intends to work with video games. “I don’t think I’ll develop another game because I’m terrible with them,” he said.

pt. The first was a playable teaser which, at the end, rewarded the player with the announcement of silent Hills, Soon after, Hideo Kojima broke up with Konami and the game was canceled in 2014.

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