Delta version is 40% more transferable, says UK

Delta version is 40% more transferable, says UK

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said the delta variant, as the Indian strain is now called, is 40% more transmissible than the standard coronavirus, as published in a British newspaper on Sunday (6). Guardian. The data, according to him, may postpone the easing of restrictions in the region from the 21st.

This version was rated between 30% and 100% more permeable than the so-called alpha version, first identified in the world, then called the UK version, the newspaper emphasizes, noting that the minister had recently With the information of, 40% per cent.

“This means it’s harder to manage the coronavirus with the delta version. But after two doses of the vaccine, we’re confident you’ll get the same protection you’d get against the standard virus. So the good news is that the vaccine works. … with the same effectiveness,” the minister announced.

About 52% of the population has been vaccinated with both doses. Britain was the first country in the Western world to introduce vaccination on 8 December. The Delta version is already a staple in this area. It is the most affected country in Europe with around 128,000 deaths. It has given at least the first dose of anti-Covid vaccine to more than 40 million people and more than 27 million have received the second dose.

Despite an increase in the number of new Covid-19 cases in recent days, which exceed 5,000 recorded daily, the number of admissions has remained stable, Hancock said. Most admissions refer to patients who were not vaccinated, he said.

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