Demand for paintball practice increases in Manaus

Demand for paintball practice increases in Manaus

Paintball is increasingly known and practiced in the city. Photo: Reproduction

Manaus – Paintball is a sport in the United States that has gained supporters in the Amazon. Due to the coronovirus epidemic, activities had to be stopped, but at this time, the practice of the game gradually returns to Manaus and, with it, there is a great demand for players.

Paintball field owner explains Portal in time, As there was a great demand for epidemics and sports.

Anderson Bonnets, 36, owns “Arena Paintball”, located in Rua João Alfredo of the Sao Geraldo neighborhood, N ° 73 in the city’s center-south area. He described what he encountered during the quarantine months and how the doctors are returning.

Anderson and his team in a paintball match

Anderson and his team in a paintball match. Photo: reproduction

“We closed a long time and the demand was even greater after our return. I believe there was a lot of emphasis at home. I believe the game was an escape valve.” Anderson said, when after reducing quarantine, physicians’ frequency is analyzed.

Abimela Melo, 28, is a businessman who is the managing partner of “TATICOM Paintball”, a social center for Air Force Unlawful Officers and Sergeants in Manaus (Kassam), south of the city, in the Crespo neighborhood of Manaus Air. The army is in front of the base. .

ATICEL TITICOM Paintball Headquarters

Atticale et Taticum Paintball Headquarters | Photo: reproduction

Uncertainty and concern for the business affected many sectors of the economy, and with owners of paintball fields, it was no different.

“During the epidemic, we had many doubts. We feared that the government would ban sports in general, as physical contact and approximation were most needed. We were closed since February. We should beware of the epidemic and high Reason also. Since the dollar, parts of the company’s inputs are not sold in Brazil “said Abimel.

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Physician group before a match at Paintball Arena

Physician group, before a match at Paintball Arena. Photo: reproduction

For safe return of activities, several precautions were taken by the company, which sought to provide security to its customers.

“Before the epidemic, there were about 300 physicians per week. Today we have a maximum of 200. Always at intervals of 2 hours, from one game to another. The equipment is constantly cleaned. This practice was done even before Kovid. – 19, as it is a team sport. We have also warned about the use of masks, with signs placed from the entrance to the club, even on the “adopted health protocol” on the playground Commented.

| Photo: reproduction

Paintball is not just fun, it has many health benefits for physicians.

“In addition to losing weight, the sport improves self-esteem, it releases endorphins, incorporating the psychological side of the person. It’s a sport that takes you from little finger to hair strands. It’s an excellent aerobic , “Anderson said. Bonnets, when explaining the benefits of paintball practice.

For those who are interested in the game, both fields of play are cited, working only by the number of appointments and closed players. Avoiding loose play, due to Kovid-19.

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