Demonic tattooed influencer forced to perform exorcism

Demonic tattooed influencer forced to perform exorcism

A Filipino influencer called . is referred to as Didi Villegaswas forced to undergo a session of sweep Because his tattoos are considered “monstrous”. A priest tries to process public transport in Cebu City. This information has come from Extra newspaper columnist Fernando Moreira.

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The influencer’s first tattoo was a tribal mosaic. Later, she got “accustomed” and continued with body modifications. He also got his eyes tattooed.

DD told the Daily Star that he spent the equivalent of $120,000 in total on the tattoos.

The influencer gained notoriety in TIC Toc To be an active voice against the prejudice against tattooed people in an Asian country. His profile currently has 1.6 million followers.

“I face daily abuse on the streets. I remember posting my graduation photo three years ago. It went viral and I got a lot of support from people and negative connotations too,” said Didi, who has a degree in fine arts.

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For those who feel small because of their tattoos, the influencer sent a message: “Always remember that you are in control of your life. That’s why people’s attempts to throw negativity at you are in vain. And finally , don’t work to ‘prove people wrong’… do things for yourself”.

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