Developer installs Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 on jailbroken iPhone

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yes apparently it is possible iPhone with android. Recently, developers exploited the security vulnerabilities of checkm8 tool to install and run MIUI 11 operating system on Apple cell phones.

Although it doesn’t record videos, GIF does show its software. Xiaomi Apparently running on an unknown model of iPhone – looks like iPhone 5s or iPhone SE (1st generation).

GIF released by developers.GIF released by developers.Source: GizChina/Breeding

Details of the procedure were not disclosed, but it is important to say that the practice escape It is not recommended for regular users. Also, many features of MIUI 11 and Apple cell phones may not work properly.

In any case, the developers have proved that it is possible to successfully run an Android-based OS on an iPhone. On the other hand, the amazing, difficult-to-maintain technology has almost negligible function.

It’s also worth noting that Apple is known for having an extremely rigid system that is difficult to jailbreak. Even the most experienced developers have difficulty accessing the platform and making changes.

The developers have also posted an image of an iPhone with the new OS.The developers have also posted an image of an iPhone with the new OS.Source: GizChina/Breeding

Why MIUI 11?

Launched in September 2019, Xiaomi MIUI 11 Is an Android-based OS with an excellent reputation. A dynamic font system, excellent interface and software for rendering Mi Work and Mi Go resources were highlighted.

interesting future MIUI 13 Intends to update many of the features that were successful on the old platform. such as deleting the bug list MIUI 12.

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