“Diane U Ren’s 2077” revealed anonymously that “Johnny Silverman was not the original candidate for GE”, contradicting the CDPR rumors: none of them are true.

"Diane U Ren's 2077" revealed anonymously that "Johnny Silverman was not the original candidate for GE", contradicting the CDPR rumors: none of them are true.
The chaos and beauty of “Witch You Rain’s 2077” as reality (credit: steamokunity)

“Cyberpunk 2077” (Cyberpunk 2077) was much awaited by the players and media. Before its launch, however, after the game’s launch, due to the console version’s adaptation and several bugs, players complained repeatedly, which also bolstered various discussions and speculations. gossip. Recently, an anonymous revelation of the development team on foreign forums has attracted the attention of many players. The material is about the disclosure of various problems in the production process of “Diane Yu Renke 2077” and criticism of high-level decision-making, while the official CD Projek Red is rare. Ground reacted saying that these rumors were “not true.”

Immediately after the game starts, foreign forums Gamefaqs An outlaw claimed “anonymous disclosures from CDPR developers”, which criticized CDPR officials for causing several irreversible problems with the development of “witch you Renke 2077”, and many original development materials were removed or here Was also invalidated. .


According to the contents of the revelation, “Diane Yu Ren’s 2077” has a large number of scenes and missions that have been abandoned, including underground waterways and large-scale rapid transport transportation. It also reveals the important role of the game “Johnny Silver Hand”. The character idea was inspired by the image of “Metal Gear Solid” (Solid Snake) voice actor David Hatter, and the original candidate was originally Cillian Murphy (Cillian Murphy), not Keanu Reeves (Keanu Leves).

In addition, the article revealed basic AI and game code rewriting problems as well as poor communication between developers and senior management. “Lightning Rebel 2077” has been criticized by the outside world for various reasons. Terrible condition.

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Sincerely: Steamcommunity

And this rumor has come recently reddit VsOfficial forumThis has attracted a lot of attention of the players. Before they could confirm the authenticity of the reported material, many players agreed that many of the designs described in it were “Dynamic Rebel 2077” that they wanted.

However, based on the player community’s high attention to rumors, CDPR recently dispelled the rumors. Vatier, the official stage manager, replied that “usually we do not comment on rumors, but this time it is not true.” The official Twitter of “Witch You Rain’s 2077” also released a special tweet, stressing that not all news of this rumor is true.


In fact, the launch date of “Diane Renke 2077” has been postponed several times since April last year, with foreign companies reporting on it. CDPR report on overtime workClearly, the state of development has indeed led to many problems and difficulties.

It’s been almost a month since the launch of “Witch You Rain’s 2077” due to PS4 and Xbox One optimization problems and BUG, ​​the game’s reputation has been mixed, but even the PC version has stable performance.Metacritic The player’s score is currently only 7.2, indicating that the game content fails to meet the expectations of previous players.


The biggest problem of “Witch You Rain’s 2077” since its launch is still the optimization of the console version’s unstable performance, and the relatively stable PC version has many interesting but fairly silent bugs, but still, the game still launches Is in the initial stage ofRecord 1 million players, 10 days after listingSold 13 million units worldwideDazzle results.

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Whether “Diane U Ren’s 2077” can fix problems in the game and enhance CD Projekt Red’s reputation, the player community is more concerned about the progress of subsequent game updates.

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