Discord crashed? Server status shows API error and app will not connect. Apps

Discord crashed?  Server status shows API error and app will not connect.  Apps

discord, a messaging app widely used by the gamer community, was unavailable Wednesday afternoon (26). As of 11:49 PST (16:49 GMT), the platform’s server state, which is protected by cloudflareI, pointed out the outage API error and ensured a quick fix. However, user complaints persist, and in some cases, service is not available on both mobiles Android Where iPhone ,iOS), or on PC or makos,

It is possible to log in to the app, but even though it shows server and recent messages in some situations, the status shows up as “connecting”. In other situations, an API error is pointed at the loading screen. discord said that the problem would be resolved soon, and from 17:29 onwards, access began to normalize on some platforms.

This Wednesday (26) Discord encountered an API error; The company guarantees a solution will come soon — Photo: Disclosure/Discord

The drop was reported by several users on DownDetector, which reached 1,306 complaints at 4:55 pm (Brasilia time). The problem affected not only Brazilian users discord, no more TwitterNews is coming from different parts of the world. The service status information indicates that the problem has already been resolved, and that the access delay experienced by many users has to do with an objective limitation to normalize the situation.

me too Twitter, the platform’s official account explained the matter, as well as pointed to a status update:

During the error, users are unable to access the service. Still, the platform completes the login and shows the available servers on the mobile. On PC, the message pointed to an API error, as well as a 15-minute time limit for resolution. Despite this, volatility continued to hinder the use of the platform.

At around 5:30, the app was normalized in some cases, allowing users to exchange messages. However, some people complained of a new slowdown. according to the situation discord, more than half the users have already been able to reconnect, and the team continues to work towards open access for all.

with information from discord status, downdetector

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