Dodgers don’t need home races in Game 1 of the NLDS-Orange County Register

Dodgers don't need home races in Game 1 of the NLDS-Orange County Register

People who see Dodgers regularly understand the true meaning when one of their hitters becomes useless, what can we say, an unnecessary hit, and in the loss his partner starts shaking the palms with all his hands. Do.

Without interruption, it means “barrels overrated.” In other words, you don’t have to screw it up to be profitable.

And whatever their postseason is being played in a kindergarten that symbolizes Texas – everything is big, or at least seems to be that way – their success in moving forward may depend on whether they What a great score. Large number of house races.

Tuesday night at Globe Life Canyon, which is not really its name, but should have been, four balls died on the Dodgers warning track, and no hits were played in the sixth inning by a franchise that Not only that, it never happened. One of the pitchers threw a no-hitter but an unwanted bullpen was in the game.

The Dodgers won Division 1 Match 1 against the Pedres, 5-1, and their sixth winning rally included a sacrificial flight by Corey Caesar, a double in the left corner of Chuck Taylor’s walk, Mookie Bates. Right against shift by Justin Turner for an RBI singles, a double to left center by Max Monsie, an infield single by Cody Bellinger for an RBI and a wild pitch to make another run.

After demonstrating such abusive dexterity, as they often do, unlike the crushers, the Dodgers may already have paddles by the neck. San Diego got 24 pitches off starter Mike Clevinger before leaving the game, but his elbow became an issue once again, leading Bellinger to the second innings after falling behind 2-0. Pedres injured nine pots, set his own postseason record, and dropped 10 pots, an NLDS record.

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Is there a pitching deal for the Padres? He didn’t need to use Trevor Rosenthal, Drew Pomeranz or Emilio Pagan on Tuesday, so the back of his bullpen was rested for Game 2 on Wednesday night. But if they don’t take longer than one or two starters in the next two nights, they could be in trouble.

Seeing the relief on Tuesday was in itself a positive for the Dodgers in a long series.

“Our goal has always been to get into the team’s ballpen, especially in the postseason, to try to get into the ballpen as soon as possible and get those guys to make a lot of money,” Turner said. “As the series goes on, you’re going to kick those guys out again and again. The more you throw them down, the more mistakes you should make. ”

Probably, over time. Some of these mistakes may cross the fence, but it may not be wise to rely on them.

The Dodgers led baseball on home runs during the regular season with 118, and they scored five runs during the August series against the Rangers’ pitching in Arlington. But on Tuesday night, at 79 degrees, the ball did not move very well with the roof opening, closing the roof all season.

Case in point: LJ Pollock crushed one with two and two outs in the fifth inning, after Bellinger reached the base to score the binding by second baseman Jake Cronenworth. It could have blown the game open there, but Jurison Proffer caught it on the alert track.

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Presumably, no one on the bench shook his hand, but you got the idea. On a night like this, in a park like this, it’s not always good to launch the ball.

“I put my hands first,” Bellinger said. “I thought he got it. I saw it was 95 off the bat, I think. I was surprised it stayed inside. ”

And in the eighth, Munshi hit one that center fielder Trent Grisham caught on track in the same way. In the last innings, Kika Hernandez and Bates both hit deep balls that were caught at Globe Life and may have landed at Dodger Stadium.

(Any Dodgers who saw A and Estres in their kindergarten early in the day were probably jealous. Five balls left the yard in that game, two of them by George Springer of Houston.)

How did the “barrel overtime” ceremony begin?

Bellinger said, referring to Taylor. “I think it was 2017. I don’t remember exactly what happened. I think he got some hits where we say our thumb fell off, when it gets jammed it hurts and you shake it. This has been our kind of thing for the last few years. ”

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