Dog bites cause infection and the owner loses both hands. Online diary

Michelle Ellis e seu pet

A young English woman fell into a coma and had to bite both hands after complications from her pet dog bite. On 16 January, Michelle Ellis was left with a small wound after an animal bite while trying to put her in a cage.

But, what seemed like a simple treatment, soon a generalized infection in the bloodstream caused a series of complications.

For tabloid The Sun, the girl’s sister Melanie stated that Michelle had multiple organ failure and induced coma for two weeks. He remains admitted at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth (England). In the process, both his hands were bulging and he was not yet informed about the surgery.

Melanie said, “Her kidney is still not working and the amount of damage it causes is uncertain. She is not yet aware of the condition of the hands.”


To make matters worse, Mitchell’s family is unable to visit him due to restrictions due to the new coronovirus epidemic.

The family has embarked on a financing campaign and has raised $ 25,700 (£ 3,450) so far. According to Melanie, R $ 745,000 is to be raised, which will be important to pay for purchasing, treating and recovering the prosthesis.

According to The Sun, the dog’s euthanasia is expected.

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