Dog rescued by sailors after being found alone in the middle of the sea. dogs

Dog rescued by sailors after being found alone in the middle of the sea.  dogs
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The moment when Zuko is taken from the sea

One day, a young woman named Brian Crowell and some friends were enjoying a day of boating in Fort Lauderdale, a city in southeastern Florida, United States, when something in the water caught Brian’s attention. When the pilot of the boat slowed down to make a U-turn, the young woman assumed that someone on the boat had dropped the cap into the water.

In an interview with The Dodo website, Brian Crowell said that the first thought that came to his mind was “Wow, that hat looks like a dog”, until a moment later, he realized that, in fact, It was a lost and lonely dog ​​in the sea.

No one knew how the animal got so far from the shore, but they knew immediately that they had to save the dog’s life. One of Crowell’s friends didn’t think twice and jumped in to rescue the dog who was struggling to survive.

The dog was already very tired and quite frightened, he was lucky to survive. “You can tell he just swam all his life,” she said. Fortunately, the dog named Zuko was wearing a collar with the family’s identification and contact information.

“We called and we could hear everyone on the phone crying and upset,” he said. It so happened that the owners of the dog also took a boat ride on the same day and somehow Zuko managed to fall into the sea without noticing them in time. The puppy’s life was saved thanks to the departure of Crowell’s friends.

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“When we returned to Zuko, we could see that they [os tutores] They were hugging him and crying,” said the young woman. Hours later, the family sent them a message thanking them and telling them how frightened they were when they found out that Zooko had disappeared. Also uploaded a photo of the pet using a new accessory purchased to ensure Zuko’s safety while in the U.S.

Zuko wearing a life jacket
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Zuko wearing a life jacket

“Once we realized he was missing, we all searched the boat, thinking he was hiding in a room with his bone (but apparently we couldn’t). So we went up and down. Were where we traveled, trying to find our way back, but no luck. After 7 bouts, you called us and it was a miracle. He’s never done anything like this before and I’m so happy that you found him,” he said in the message.

Everything could have been a big tragedy for the puppy, but it had a happy ending. Growell and the group of friends are overjoyed to help Zuko when he needs it the most. “I’ve been in boats and at sea all my life and I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

Watch the video after the rescue:

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