Dog World saves owner’s life during fire in USA

Dog World saves owner's life during fire in USA

Lacresa Slappy, a resident of Wilmington, North Carolina, says she gives the won dog to King after her son’s death nearly a year ago. The animal rescued him from a fire in his house on Monday (25).

It was the king who saw the beginning of the fire, woke his master and drove him safely out of the residence.

The woman told NBC, “My dog ​​woke me up, pulled my hair and scratched myself. And it was not normal in his behavior.” This was when he noticed the flames, which were already spreading rapidly.

“I looked like I was going to die. So I ran to the window, but it was as if fire was coming at me through the walls. I felt like I was trapped, and my dog Took me to the door. ” He explained, remembering that he had gone astray.

According to Lacresha’s sister Shonte Middleton, the king was a gift she received on February 18 of the previous year, soon after her nephew’s death. “I know how much this dog means to him and he is now a true hero,” Middleton told NBC.

The cause of the fire has not been ascertained yet. While the site is being investigated and repair work is underway, Lacresha and King are staying at Shanaite’s home.

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