Dolphins vs. Rams Scores: Tua Tagovaloa defended Miami, winning the first NFL title with the help of special teams.

Dolphins vs. Rams Scores: Tua Tagovaloa defended Miami, winning the first NFL title with the help of special teams.

Tua Tagovaloa’s first career NFL career was off to a bad start, but he eventually bounced back and beat the Los Angeles Rams in their first NFL debut with a final score of 28-17 that doesn’t take the game any closer. Was. Rams landed the fifth-best burglary in the Miami Dolphins’ first offensive possession when Aaron Donald (yes, that guy) dodged his blocker and pushed it into TagoVilloa’s face before kicking the ball out. Famil was then recovered by Michael Brokers and capitalized on by an early touchdown by Rams Crime. This favor was fulfilled when defensive lineman Christian Wilkins stopped a struggling Jared Goff and awarded Tagovaloa the great field title.

He sent Rams to his young NFL. With the first discount of his career, the game was tied up and possibly paid to reduce some of the early games jets that saw him make some vague decisions. All told, though, it was Goff who looked like he would never have started an NFL game, ranking only a passerby of 9.7 during a quarter and just passing by in his failure to dig his team. This was corrected by the enormity of the effort made. He threw them out of the hole.

The Goff had four turnovers in the first half, and the Dolphins decided to convert three of them into touchdowns. It wasn’t an eye-opening start by Tagoveloa, but a victory is a victory, and he deserves it for his survival.

Why dolphins win

This was not the youngest first NFL debut for Tagovoloa, and he needs to pull out his full defense and special teams unit for the big stack dinner – considering what those two units did. Who ruled the day. Credit Tagovoloa for bouncing back from his initial frustration to get rid of Goff’s obstruction, but his state line was mostly forgotten in the 8th week, which is not easily forgotten, however, how much in the overall position of Goff The bullying was carried out, with the dolphin rescuing necessarily stealing his lunch money on a regular basis and immediately throwing him in the locker.

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Goff had four turnovers in the first half alone, and, directly or indirectly, the Dolphins did not make three touchdowns. The toss and a 28-10 half-time lead in the return of 88-yard pants for Tachda. Head coach Brian Flores should be proud of what he did in his defense on Sunday, entering the game as a 3.5-point underdog but quit with the win, as he was the dog in the yard.

Why the Rams lost

At the end of the first quarter, Goff had a passing rating of 9.7, and his last drive of the half boosted it to 32.8. And strangely enough, the rating doesn’t take into account his two missing points in the game that saw him consistently push his team into a deep hole. Against the dolphin rescue, Sean McVeigh’s generally creative and high-scoring offense was stripped naked and left sitting on the bricks in front of the police station, with no understanding against the dolphins.

At one point, Miami scored a total of 28 points with just 56 offensive yards, which was crucial to the defense and special teams unit in Week 8, agreeing that Aaron Donald fell due to Tagovaloa’s opening campaign. Forced. The Rams took a 7-0 lead, but it was more or less their best time in Miami. Although this was Tagoiloa’s first NFL debut, it was a sudden goof that played out like a hoax.


That’s where the Rams’ return could be – in a position to win the league after Goff’s first interception to equalize 7-7 in the NFL’s contact in Tagovoloa’s first career – but Emmanuel Ogbah said watch. With a forced fall, linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel scooped up a 78-yard touchdown, giving the Dolphins their first lead of the game, and they never backed down.

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Game of Thrones

Just a minute after Van Jinkel’s touchdown, Zakim Grant blew the roof with 88 yards of pants that tied the Dolphins 21-7 and shattered the confidence of the newly formed Rams.

Speed ​​hits.

Is McWay’s Kryptonite in Miami?

“I’m starting to think that Brian Floors could be Sean McVeigh’s number.” – Cameron DeSilva Rams wire

What’s next

The Dolphins are now heading west to face the deadly Arizona Cardinals, while the Rams go on their apparent weekend and lick their wounds and prepare to fight the high-powered Seattle Seahawks in two weeks.

Catch all the highlights and actions you missed in the live blog below.


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