Donald Trump’s diagnosis makes it impossible to dismiss Kovid as ‘fraud’

Donald Trump's diagnosis makes it impossible to dismiss Kovid as 'fraud'

Many of his advisers, family and supporters claimed that the statewide lockout (somewhat of a loose term) and the mask fatwa were a sign of the future under Joe Biden – a world where your basic freedoms were taken away from you. Are. For Republicans, it included a long-held reservation from the other side.

While this was an impressive story, one wonders if it will all go away with Trump’s investigation. It is difficult to claim that the coronavirus is a swindler when the president himself tests positive. Of course, we have yet to see how the virus affects the president, but as a 74-year-old with at least one obesity (obesity), he is definitely within the vulnerable group.

Even for people who believe that coronavirus is prevalent and spreading in the United States, if you know that someone is seriously ill or seriously ill, or has died, it’s a little out of proportion. Seems to be blown away. But with the president clearly outlining his investigation and the precautions he will take as a result, his supporters may begin to think there may be something wrong with it. There are consequences to that action, especially in the face of a contagious and deadly disease.

Every time American pundits thought that some scandal would be Trump’s political downfall, he always bounced back, his base around him. Maybe they will do the same now – sympathizing as many people in the UK did when Boris fell ill.

Much depends on how the virus affects him. He may have mild cases, and his campaign from the White House continues, proving to everyone that there is nothing to worry about. But at the same time, his diagnosis makes it extremely difficult to continue the critical, well-crafted story of his success, between now and the election.

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