Donald Trump’s request for new impeachment: See questions and answers. world

Donald Trump's request for new impeachment: See questions and answers.  world

This process will take less than two weeks Joe Biden As the new President of the United States, which is unprecedented in American history. Democrat will take over the White House on January 20.

The expectation is that already this week, Democrats will move charges against Trump to plenary and vote on whether the process goes to the Senate. The question is whether a hearing among senators will begin before he leaves the presidency.

Trump accused Congress of obstructing Congress in 2019 and misusing power in the case Phone call to the President of Ukraine. He was accused of pressuring Volodymyr Zelensky with allegations against his executioner Biden in the 2020 elections.

Hey Went through the process chamberWith a Democratic majority, but Senators approve of Trump in January 2020 – Which was expected, given the Republican majority towards the president at the time.

Therefore, the situation is different at this time because Trump lost support even among Republican ranks And because in any case he will step down on January 20.

The us See below for questions and answers about Trump’s impeachment process.

How does impeachment work in the United States?

The Capitol Building in Washington DC, which shows the US Congress on December 28, 2020 – Photo: Leah Millis / Archives Reuters

“Impeachment article”, Namely, charges against the Speaker are written and presented to the Plaintiff of the House of Representatives, which is equivalent to deputation. They then vote on whether to approve each of these articles.

whether a Simple majority of 435 delegates Acknowledging one or all of the charges, the President is formally impeached and the matter goes to the Senate, which will pass the decision. Unlike Brazil, The President of impeachment is not removed and remains in office until the senators decide.

Once in the Senate, the charges are brought again and a parliamentary trial begins. matter Two thirds senator Condemnation decision The President has revoked his mandate.

What are the chances of Trump’s impeachment?

US President Donald Trump and his deputy Mike Pence – Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Baria

Together Democratic majority, House is almost certain to decide on Trump’s impeachment, As it happened in December 2019. The question is whether he will be sentenced in the Senate, which still has a Republican majority.

Right now, Democrats hold 46 seats in the Senate, In addition to the two seats of independent politicians who usually vote with Biden’s party. Republican Number 51 Senator: Senator Kelly Loeffler did not pass the result until after Democrat Rafael Warnock was declared elected, and the vacancy of David Perdue is also vacant until John Osfo’s victory is formally confirmed. Osoff and Warnock were elected last week in the second round of the Georgia election.

This means that, at this point, it would be necessary to support 17 Republican senators to end Trump’s mandate.

Unlike what happened last year, There is a movement in the Republican Party to remove the President. Two senators, Lisa Murkowski and Pat Tommy, have admitted that they will vote to condemn the partner. In addition to him, Trump’s traditional rival Mitt Romney within the party should be in favor of impeachment.

You have to follow the conversations of Republican leaders who have been closest to the White House in the last four years, But who was jealous of Trump after the Capitol invasion. The group has a Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell.

Can Trump be disqualified?

Donald Trump during a golf game in November 2020 – Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Sim, And given the proximity of the inauguration of Georgia-elected Democratic senators and the number of Republicans dissatisfied with Trump and who want to resume the role of the party’s more traditional wing, this possibility increases. In this case, just a simple majority in the Senate would be enough to disqualify the president according to open precedent..

It is unclear whether senators can vote on Trump’s disqualification without impeachment – That is, whether he can be prevented from running for future office even if he survives the Senate trial.

Can the process proceed even outside Trump’s office?

Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader in the Senate, Wednesday (6) – Arrived in the US Congress to count presidential election votes. Photo: Jay Scott via Applewhite / Pool Reuters

This is the biggest unknown of the new lawsuit against Trump: There is no precedent because it never happened in the history of the United States. Biden takes office on January 20, and from there the Republican becomes a former president with no mandate.

As there is a trend to vote on impeachment later this week, the move is complete, at least before Trump leaves the White House. However, the Senate has a Jan. 19 reconsideration – the eve of Biden’s inauguration – and the majority leader, Mitch McConnell, said he would resume the session only ahead of dates if the senators unanimously decided to do so.

Experts heard by broadcaster NBC disagree on the possibility of impeachment from Trump’s office and point to three possibilities:

  • Impeachment only with Trump in power – This process will be stopped as soon as Biden takes over.
  • If the House approves first, the process can run without Trump in power – Such is the scenario most likely by the dates declared by the two houses.
  • The process can begin at any time – That is, even if the House has not voted on impeachment by January 20, Congress may re-decide Trump’s impeachment, which would have a more symbolic character.

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