Dose from India to Brazil is expected to be delayed

Dose from India to Brazil is expected to be delayed

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In addition to considering Authorizing the sale of stocked vaccines of “extremely difficult” AstraZeneca to the United States, Ernesto Arazzo today indicated duties delaying India from sending more doses to Brazil.

“India has an internal problem for the continued supply of a few million vaccines, which are already contracted due to lack of inputs, which are imported from other countries”Explained to the minister.

He said he tries to get the pending dose despite the input blockage, but left MPs in doubt as to whether Brazil would be supplied again.

Today, UNICEF informed Reuters that India should delay the supply of vaccines for the WHO’s Kovacs program, which would also reserve doses for Brazil.

“We understand that the delivery of vaccines participating in the Kovac facility to the low-income economies of the Kovid-19 vaccine follows a setback in obtaining an export license for new doses of vaccines produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII). Is likely to be “, UNICEF told the agency.

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