Double-deck airliner can be the future of air travel 05/31/2021

Double-deck airliner can be the future of air travel 05/31/2021

to keep track Customer preferencesThe Crystal Cabin Award, an international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation, showed how commercial flights could change to bring more modernity in the coming years and Passengers comfort.

One of the concepts of the shortlist of the “Judges’ Choice” category is Chez Long. The project includes economy seats with two-level cabins, each row alternating between seats at floor level and other seats raised a few meters above head level.

According to the website “CNN Travel”, the creator of the project, Spaniard Alejandro Nunez Vicente, age 21, was inspired by his own travel experiences in Europe.

The main objective is to offer tourists, Travel in economy class, More comfort and enjoyment along the way – with more tilted angles, an adjustable backrest and a foldable neckrest.

The current economy class is often limited to one or slightly tilted position, which prevents the traveler from having a comfortable and relaxed experience. “
Alexandro Nunez for “CNN Tour”

As you can see in the images, the change will eliminate the upper luggage compartments. The idea for customization is to use the spaces under the seats to store the bags.

In addition to “Chase Long”, the project titled “Cloud Capsules”, “Capsule in the Clouds”, in free translation also attracted the attention of the judges. Crystal The cabin Award.

Created by the Toyota Boshoku Company, the upper luggage compartments have been transformed into spaces for economy class passengers to lay down, “a multifunctional space that matches the feel of business class seats”.

“Capsule in the Clouds”, according to the creators in an interview with “CNN Travel”, can be purchased in addition to tickets and will create “high revenue opportunities for airlines”.

The award winners will be announced through a virtual event in September.

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