Dream team lost to France and need to wake up to dream of medals

Basquete: Nando de Colo, da França, é marcado por Draymond Green, dos EUA
Basketball: Nando de Colo, France, marked by Draymond Green, USA
Basketball: Nando de Colo, France, marked by Draymond Green, USA
Photo: Eric Gay – 25.Jul.2021/ep

The so-called “dream team” of the United States has not lost at the Olympics since 2004, when it was decimated by a gold dispute after losing to Argentina in the semi-finals of the Athens Games. Today, the NBA Stars are down again, this time against France, 83-76.

Shortly after the game, even though he was ahead on the scoreboard, the American team managed to impose itself. Won the first two quarters and looked to be heading for a lackluster victory, but a win nonetheless. In the partial, the US won by 8 points, 45 to 37.

reality blow

The Dream Team had already made it clear that she would not appear in the premiere, but the reality turned into a nightmare in the third quarter. France completely dominated this period, winning 25–11, which resulted in the European team taking the lead. It was clear that the game was different.

The situation was so complicated that the team’s biggest star, Kevin Durant, was already languishing with four fouls by the middle of the third quarter – the fifth would knock him out of the game. To prevent that from happening, coach Greg Popovich took her off the court, saving her for a crucial moment in the final quarter.

Damien Lillard of the United States shoots 3 points against France
Photo: Charlie Niebergall – 25.Jul.2021/ep

The last 10 minutes of play started with France winning by 6 points. Durant returned to the game, but America remained without decision-making power, even as he took the lead.

In the final minute, a three-shot from Ivan Fournier put the French at the top of the scoreboard. America had a chance to level, but instead of trying two balls, opted for three of three consecutive shots that were not converted, which would drive the game into overtime.

The ball returned to France and the gap widened. The United States, which had already lost two friendships in preparation for the Games – to Nigeria and Australia – lost again, now in effect.

To dream of a medal, the Dream Team has to wake up from the nightmare of their debut.

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