Drive: Cadillac’s 2020 CT5 is a highly powered and luxurious ride for drivers

Drive: Cadillac's 2020 CT5 is a highly powered and luxurious ride for drivers

Cadillac is racing with big dogs in the European luxury-sports-sedan segment, and seems to be continuing. The new 2020 CT5 competes with the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XE, Lincoln MKZ, Genesis G70 and Lexus ES. (Yes, Japanese, Korean and even Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln division is in the game.) Who says no one wants to build a sedan with high-end handling, high power and maximum luxury?

After recently trying out a well-equipped version of the smaller, less expensive CT4, we had the privilege of spending a week with the CT5-V, the sporty version of this midise luxury sedan. Priced at, 56,305, the sticker was equipped with a loud 360-horsepower V6, which is almost silent on highways but can be heard right on urban and rural roads, especially in support drive mode. In. The Base CT5, starting price at 36,895, is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four, rated at 237 horsepower.

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The passenger compartment and trunk are wider than the CT4, so the CT5 is more like a traditional Cadillac sedan than its younger brother. For the true Cadillac tradition, however, the full-size CT6 is the way to go. Unfortunately, it was discontinued earlier this year. The hamstring plant used to install the CT6 is being converted to make electric cars.

The CT5 is both luxurious and sporty, but with a few flaws we noticed in the CT4 a few months ago. The front balcony seats are quite empty but the rear seat may be too cramped and the head room is insufficient for passengers above 5-11. The trunk is 11.9 cubic feet – larger than the CT4, but much smaller than most competing vehicles, including BMW, Lexus and Audi.

Dashboard controls are logically laid out, labels really need to be large. Young people with sharp eyes are not the first to buy Cadillacs, and older drivers may have difficulty creating icons. Buick, a brand that has nurtured elderly drivers for years, is pleased to have a population-friendly, large, easy-to-understand label under its control.

Otherwise, we found it easier to live with CT5. The road feel is great, yet the car runs smoothly and comfortably.

According to Consumer Reports magazine, from 2018, Cadillac will be offering Super Cruise on some models, featuring a self-driving mode that is superior to Tesla’s vented autopilot system. We’re excited to try Super Cruise – not just to see how it works, but to find out how we’re going to respond to this technology in real time – but it’s in CT4 and CT5. Not available. 2021 model year. Super Cruise is not cheap. High quality vehicles equipped with driver assistance and technology packages as standard equipment, will add 500 to 2500 to the Super Cruise price. Buyers of lower-end models will have to pay a total of, 6,150 for an advanced package and an extra cruise.

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2020 Cadillac City 5-V

Value:, 56,305

Engine: 3.0-liter V-6, 360 horsepower, 405 lb. Feet. Torque

Communication: 10-speed shiftable automatic

Running: Rear-wheel

Weight: 3,974 lb.

Suspended: McPherson Strut Front, Multi-Link Rear

Wheels: 19-in. Premium paint alloy with pearl nickel finish

Tires: P245/40 R19 Summer Run-Flat

Seating capacity: 5

Similar capacity: 11.9 that u. Feet

Fuel capacity: 17 gal.

Fuel economy: 18 MPG City, 26 MPG Highway

Type of fuel: Premium Unleaded Gasoline (Recommended)

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