Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings LIVE: Where to Watch the NHL Playoffs in Real Time | 05/10/2022

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“I had the best season of my career,” Kane said. “It’s not that it’s not working. I’ve gotten better every year in my NHL career.”

“I think my numbers show it. I think if you just use the eye test, it shows.”

“I was a little behind the eight ball, didn’t start on time this year,” he said. “But again I felt very confident in myself and I feel like I am getting even better as a player next year.

“So in terms of everything else, I think … there’s not a lot of selfishness in this team. I think people are very secure in their roles. And I think that can really make it easier.” I’m just a new guy coming into the locker room and saying. [Egoísmo] It can slow down a team or limit a team’s capabilities when you have that kind of attitude. And I don’t see anything like that here.”

“His ability to produce and what he brings to the team has changed our dynamic,” Hyman said. “He brings in an element that we’ve probably missed before and he really swirled our team in every aspect.”

“Out of the snow we’ve welcomed him and he’s been great. He’s been a great partner. Obviously there were a lot of assumptions about him, but I think he did everything in his power to make him go away.” team mates had this [percepções]He’s been a great partner.”

“I think this is the end of her [que está subvalorizada]said McDavid. “He appears to be in the right place. He finds a way to keep her under the trap. He’s tough on the forecheck, physical, and he seems to be in the right place at the right time.”

“I knew it would take some time over time, even if it was just shooting, getting your chance back,” he said. “As much as you can still kick, I haven’t shot an NHL goalkeeper in a long time and the only difference is in re-learning, really remembering how to score. And a little confidence watching the puck hit the goalkeeper Get.”

“What I learned from the first game on the no-list is that you’re trying to force him to puck because you think, ‘Oh, let’s puck, okay? They said. “Don’t do that. In fact, it’s the opposite.

“If you just play your game, it’ll take care of itself. In the first game, I only thought about Connor taking the puck, and it felt like I’d never play in the NHL. He should hold the puck, Especially the speed with which he is coming into the neutral zone. Now I find it easier to play with him because I am back where I am.”

“Hockey is a sport where you need all you need,” Kane said. “It can’t be just one man. I think it’s very clear in his tenure so far. He’s very talented personally, you have to have people who can go with you and support you and your So we’ve got a good net there. . “

,[Kane] Woodcroft, said Woodcroft, has a finisher who can score, and he teamed up with Connor, one of the best players in the world, to be the best player in the world. “If you associate the finisher with the best player in the world, good things will happen.

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“I also think he has good habits. He does great things. He gets into tough areas and stops. He doesn’t fly for confrontation. He’s physical. He’s a really good addition to us.” . He is a big part of the game. The reason we are where we are.”

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