eFootball 2022 is available for PS4 and PS5 for free

eFootball 2022 is available for PS4 and PS5 for free

As planned earlier, e-football 2022 Available for free for PS4 and PS5. Enjoy through the link given below.

It is also worth mentioning the list of trophies (PS4 I PS5) which doesn’t have the Platinum Trophy, but has most of the action on the target field, given that we don’t have other game modes available yet.


From “PES” to “eFootball”
Get ready to start a new football era with “eFootball 2022”!

Evolved Football
The name of the iconic football game series PES was changed to “eFootball” this year.
This change heralds a new era of virtual football with improved gameplay and graphics.
Get ready to enjoy an unprecedented football experience that only eFootball 2022 can provide!

A new graphics engine for the new era
Our biggest goal has always been to create a “perfect confrontational experience”.
To achieve this ambitious goal, a new graphics engine was implemented, which completely changed the game.
The engine brings a number of changes, such as a completely new way to display player animations, a focus on doubles, and updated attack and defense commands.

eSports Without Borders
To be considered among the best of the eSports platform, we can’t let the gaming device’s preference limit you.
In future updates, all football fans will be able to participate using their preferred device: console, PC or mobile device.
To accomplish this, the official e-sports championship will be held in collaboration with leagues and clubs around the world!

*This product supports gameplay between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 generations.

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Free to play and future updates
This game is free to play, which allows you to enjoy the best football experience now without any initial investment!
Also, the annual updates will become “season updates” instead of being completely new games.

In this game, you will be able to choose your favorite players and coaches to build your dream team.
Choose a coach who uses the formation and strategy you like best, train your players to make sure everyone is at their best, and then take on the world!
We will have several weekly tournaments based on real-world matches, with new and exciting experiences for everyone.

Keep an eye out as more game modes will be added with future expansions!

Game Type:
Local matches using 9 pre-determined teams.
Challenge events with authentic teams available to face AI opponents and other users online.
*Challenge events may not be available for the first few days.

*Intergenerational Gameplay: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

We are planning many new modes and events for future updates.
Check more details in the plan published on the official eFootball website.

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