Four More Stolen Photos of Bethesda’s Starfield Appear on the Internet

Starfield, the long-awaited Xbox One developed by Bethesda, is shown with Another four stolen photosOr supposedly, appeared on the Internet and re-released on social networks of various profiles.

In form of Five Starfield Images Published A few days ago, these are “work in development” photos, undoubtedly coming from one of the first builds, that mainly depict the structures we’ll have to deal with during the campaign and the tools our characters use for their explorations. will use

They are here:

Once again, the character of the screenshots underscores a realistic and plausible approach to science fiction, as close to cinematographic works as interstellar And specifically The Martian, instead of Mass Effect.

Starfield will make its exclusive debut on Xbox Series X|S and PC 11 November, Everyone’s looking forward to seeing what the game will look like in real with its eclectic gameplay, a shortcoming that will likely be overcome in the coming weeks by Microsoft during its big traditional event in June.

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