Egyptian Builds a “Medical Robot” That Helps Surgeons and Protects from Radiation

Egyptian Builds a "Medical Robot" That Helps Surgeons and Protects from Radiation

Mohamed Abdel Aziz, who was awarded the “Under 35” Global Innovator Award for the year 2021 due to his invention, said: international award Organized by the American MIT Foundation, the robot is characterized by multiple functions, ease of use and low risk.

In an exclusive interview with Sky News Arabia, Abdel Aziz indicated that the robotic platform contributes to facilitating the work of surgeons in the operating room for heart patients.

x ray

He explained that the platform has been able to reduce the risks faced by doctors during the operation, as they are exposed to digestive problems.

He explained, “Surgeons are obliged to wear a lead apron (a protective apron) to reduce X-ray damage.”

Abdel Aziz said, “The device (robot platform) consists of two main components, a metal-free (plastic) robot that works with compressed air, and installed on the operating bed next to the patient, which controls the tube. and wires inside the patient’s arteries with high accuracy.”

He continued, “The second element is a device that helps surgeons control the robot remotely, and makes sure that there is no greater risk of X-rays.”

About patent registration Egypt “Patents related to the project and other projects he is currently working on are mostly registered in England, the US and Europe in general, and occasionally in China,” he said.

He explained that “countries are selected according to the company that purchases or licenses the patent from the university to which it belongs,” noting that the university is the exclusive owner of the patent, and therefore difficult for the inventor. Interfering in the selection process.

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And about the difficulties that the device had to face to be on the same level as the modern equipment currently available, he said: “One of the problems was how to facilitate the surgeons and medical staff to prepare the robot. Operations.” in light of the importance of reducing its use within less time and without complexity.”

And Abdul Aziz said: “Our goal was to use a robot inside an MRI machine, but we found it difficult to use.” electric motors Because it is made of metals,” he said, “the process of using metals within magnetic resonance can have serious consequences.”

and leave Egyptian researchers And his team researched that crisis by designing pneumatic motors from scratch, using “3D printing” technology, and this was the toughest challenge.

At the conclusion of his interview with “Sky News Arabia”; Mohamed Abdel Aziz wanted to make a mark in the medical field, and help surgeons to treat patients more accurately and with less disparity between them, and to be a source of inspiration for future innovators and researchers, such as That he had many people who were and are still a source of inspiration to him today.”

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