Elden Ring player destroys PS5 controller in despair

Imagem de: Jogador de Elden Ring destrói controle do PS5 por frustração

Software’s Souls-from-Choice is well-known and well-known for its high level of difficulty. For a long time gamers debate how far elden ring Whether the gameplay features or not, the game undeniably brings to the formula one that embraces failures and deaths as part of the experience. And sometimes it can be quite frustrating, as the image below shows.

Weebfromkonoha gone reddit Show him the damage he did to the PS5 controller after getting angry enough elden ring, Unfortunately we don’t have much details about what resulted in the DualSense massacre, with a Reddit user saying only “I think that’s enough for today…”, along with a picture of the destroyed controller and more. elden ring On the monitor, pronounced “culprit”.

Of course, the real culprit in destroying the controller due to game-induced anger is the person who throws it around. elden ring wants to disappoint Your players and will certainly challenge your patience, but if your anger gets so out of control that it destroys the BRL 400+ accessory, it’s time to get help.

We want to hear from our readers, so – which one of you is playing elden ring, Which boss among players has given you the most trouble so far? Did he break anything? Join the conversation in the comments!

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