Elderly woman avails vaccination and gives help ticket for mistreatment of her daughter

Elderly woman avails vaccination and gives help ticket for mistreatment of her daughter

Kovid-19 vaccination staff requested security help to rescue her from her family

An 85-year-old woman took advantage of the moment of vaccination, in Mexico, to give nurses a help ticket and to be rescued from her family, who abused her and kept her locked up at home, according to the woman.

The case took place in Izatpalpa, Mexico City and was made public by the police this Sunday (4). The elderly woman stated in the note that she was placed in abusive and abusive situations. After reading the note, officers at the vaccination station called the agents of the security department and the citizenship department, who were at the scene, and took out the couple who accompanied them.

The 39-year-old woman was identified as the elder daughter and 59-year-old son-in-law. Detained by Agents who were on the spot And presented to members of the public ministry.

Elderly woman taken to a safe place

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