Elizabeth’s sister claims Andrei is ‘aggressive’ and the informant has a ‘cold heart’ and Elizabeth agrees

Elizabeth Pothast Castervet and Andre Castravet won the TLC. Celebrated their second marriage in Moldova on the fifth season of 90 Days Fiancee: After Prosperity.

But Andrei’s fight with his in-laws – especially Elizabeth’s sister Jane Davis; His dad, Chuck Pothast; And his brother, Charlie Pothost – just seemed to get worse.

Future TLC In the increased view of 90 day fiance Tell-All Part 1, which airs on September 27 at 8pm EST, Andrei once again meets Jane, Chuck and Charlie in a video chat. And the results, as always, were not very beautiful.

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Andrei complained about Elizabeth’s family on Tally-All

The 90 day fiance The tail-all host, Sean Robinson, asked Andrei how he had come with his in-laws on a trip to his home country of Moldova. He was ready with a clear answer: “They were talking about everything,” he claimed – from streets and scenes to food and culture.

However, Elizabeth’s husband said he was willing to take matters into his own hands with his in-laws. Andrei claimed he was “not angry at the moment”.

But when Jane, Chuck and Charlie went on video chat, they didn’t share Andrei’s hope that they would all be separated.

Robinson asked Jane to give him a clear opinion on the matter. Elizabeth’s sister said of Andrei, “I think he was very aggressive. I think he’s too cool for two. I don’t think he really cares about anyone’s feelings like our family. ”

Jane kept arguing, in fact, that Andrei’s heart was a “cold heart.” He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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Elizabeth agrees with her sister Andrei’s assessment

Andre replied that Jane’s problems with him were “his problem,” but his wife did not share that view. In fact, Elizabeth told Robinson that she agreed with Andre’s description of Jane.

“He can be aggressive and mean, and there is no excuse for that.” 90 day fiance The star said bluntly, as Andrei’s face went dark.

Elizabeth’s dad asked his son-in-law why he seemed so angry, and why he had resigned from his assessment of Jane’s character. Andrei explained that he knew he had to work on himself. However, he was not ready to take full responsibility for the problems with his in-laws.

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Jane accuses Andrei of being uncomfortable because he was being ‘exposed’

Later 90 days fiance Tell everyone, things got hotter between Andrei and his in-laws. Elizabeth’s sister accused Andrei of trying to take advantage of the chuck for her money.

“You told me you would wrap my dad around with your finger,” Jane announced. Andrei denies the allegations, but Elizabeth is not convinced.

Andrei argued that Jane just appeared to be “fighting”, alleging that she had started the drama with the intention of being a potter.

But Elizabeth’s sister insisted that Andrei was trying to avoid talking about the subject.

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Jane said to Andrei, “You’re getting complicated, and you’re coming forward,” and now you’re crazy and you’re trying to put your * on me. ”

It is unclear how Andrei’s latest confrontation with his in-laws ended 90 Days Fiancee: After Prosperity Tell-all. But it is clear that at the very least, their ongoing problems are far from over.

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