Elon Musk’s company showed a video of the monkey’s video game with his brain. Innovation

Elon Musk’s company showed a video of the monkey’s video game with his brain.  Innovation

Billionaire company neuralink Elon Musk That develops technologies for the interaction between the brain and machines, published a video in which A. The monkey apparently plays video games with his brain.

The scenes depict a 9-year-old monkey pager who Received a chip implant in the brain About six weeks before recording, the game controlled ‘Pong’ as well.

This type of material was not disseminated because it is common in scientific circles. The video is usually accompanied by a peer reviewed article in scientific journals, which did not happen.

The pager was awarded for banana smoothie, while being taught to play video games with a controller.

While doing so, from a device Neuralink recorded information about the monkey’s neuron activity through a chip implanted in its skullAccording to the company.

The device consists of more than 2000 electrodes implanted in areas of the pager motor cortex, responsible for coordinating the movements of hands and arms.

The data were placed in a “decoder algorithm” to predict the hand movements desired by the pager in real time.

After calibrating the decoder, Neuralink stated that the monkey was Able to use it to move cursor, instead of using video game controller.

The scene shows that the pager is playing with the controller.

Another neuralink performance

The device consists of a small probe consisting of more than 3,000 electrodes connected by flexible wires and thinner than a human hair and capable of monitoring the activity of a thousand brain neurons.

In one demonstration, a computer displayed the brain activity of a pig receiving the implant, which was then removed and did not cause any motor modifications in the animal.

On Twitter, Elon Musk said the company’s work would be Allow people with paralysis to use cell phones with their brains “faster than someone with their fingers.

He noted the possibility of helping the paraplex to regrow by sending signals to neurons responsible for motor responses.

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