Emotion and balance mark controversy at SuperBike Brasil 2021 Grand Finals

SuperBike Brasil/Divulgação

till early afternoon, grand final brazilian superbike 2021, the main competition of motorcycle speed There was a balanced dispute and a lot of emotions among the country, interlagos, Even on a cloudy day in So Paulo, with moments of drizzle that left the track slippery, the race was disputed with intensity and safety, obstructing the direction of the race when necessary. Waiting for the asphalt to dry.

The first decision took place in the Superbike Evolution category, an electrifying arrival, with Controllity Racing rider Joelsu Mitico winning the race this Sunday morning to win the title.

In the Honda Junior Cup, the center of new talent in motorcycle speed, Joo Teixeira finished fifth in a race won by Guilherme Fernandes, better known as Foguetinho. but the decision is pending, and Teixeira is still waiting to celebrate the title. In the race won by Evolution by Mitico, he entered the track as the leader of the competition, but HJC/PSBK vice-leader André Verissimo could still win the title.

The controversy in the final segment, however, was with Kobe Motonil Motors’ Mitiko and Mano Martins as the protagonists.

Mitiko took better advantage of this and took the title. Verissimo also maintained a fast pace, finishing third, second only to Martins.

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In other categories, Pro, which is considered the main, already had a defined champion. Pedro Sampaio of Rio Grande do Sul’s RXP/TRH Racing started with a guaranteed title, in a race that was initially interrupted by rain.

Halfway through the race, Sampaio, from the Tacfil Racing team, made a graceful overtake on Danilo Lewis, from So Paulo, and won first place. By the end of the race, the brawl was fierce, Lewis pressed on and regained the position, in another graceful overtake, on the outside. Sampaio, looking to end the season with a win, still took the position, but was again passed out. This was Danilo Lewis’ third consecutive win in this category. He spent part of the season competing in the United States. Mauriti Jr. finished third and was runner-up in the category.

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In addition to the Superbike Evolution and Honda Junior Cup, the Pro Honda, Supersport 600 and Superbike Escola categories define the title this Sunday. Events such as the Supersport 600 cc and the Supersport 400 cc had title disputes in subcategories.

In the second and deciding race in the Copa Pro Honda CBR650R category, Guilherme Brito of Kube Motonil Motors won the race, but the championship title went to Joo Vittor Carneiro of Kazuru Racing, who finished third. In second place was Carneiro’s teammate Felipe Macan.

There was also a balanced Supersport 400 cc race, in which even though he did not win and was penalized for 20 seconds for not lowering after the safety car arrived, Argentine Mauro Pasarino took the title. In the Supersport 600 cc category, even in a drizzle, the pilots remained alert. And Lucas Torres of the PRT team won the race and limited his performance over the weekend. Gustavo Manso was ranked fifth, which was enough to guarantee him the title.

At the Superbike Escola, which also awarded winners in three subcategories, Felipe Bittencourt from PCM/PRT, accelerated with intensity, leading and making many of the best laps. In a very good race by Christian Simonit from RXP/TRH, Bittencourt was crowned champion, who overtook title candidate Alex de Souza, Kobe Motonil Motors, and finished second. Under pressure, Souza collapsed at the end of the race and Bittencourt took the title.

See all the Superbike Brasil 2021 champions defined this Sunday.

Pro Cup Honda CBR 650R – Joao Vitor Carneiro from Kazuru Racing (3rd place this Sunday)

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Superbike Pro – Pedro Sampaio from RXP/TRH Racing (2nd place this Sunday)

Superbike Evolution – Joelsu Mitico of Controllity Racing (winner this Sunday)

supersport 600cc – Gustavo Manso, from DeZero Racing (fifth this Sunday)

supersport 400cc – Mauro Pasarino, from Techfil Racing Team (result of the sub-judice test)

superbike school – Felipe Bittancourt, PCM/PRT (Winner this Sunday)

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