England in Lakda 2N2 from Thursday; Cowid-19 cases cross 10 million – World News

Shoppers wear facemasks at Leeds City Markets in Leeds, Yorkshire on October 31, 2020, as the number of cases of the novel coronavirus rises.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced another lockout in England from Thursday to December 2, when expert modeling did not take strict action and predicted a sharp rise in deaths by December. The total number crossed 10 lakh.

The main difference from the first lockout in March is that schools and universities will be allowed to remain open. In addition to other restrictions on travel and recreation, non-essential retail, restaurants, pubs and hospitality areas will remain closed. My message is ‘stay home’.

Johnson said: “No one wants to impose such measures anywhere … We hoped that through strong local action, through local leadership, we can reduce the rate of infection, whether the disease is on the rise and solve the problem.” Can, thus all sides. Country “.

“We have become humble before nature and in this country. Alas, in many parts of Europe, the virus is spreading faster than the worst possible conditions of our scientific advisers, whose models indicate that unless we work, we are going to die in this country. We can see thousands running in a day, a peak death rate, alas, bigger than we saw in April. ”

An official statement said on Saturday evening: “Between January 31 and October 31, 2020, 1,011,660 people have come here who have tested positive.” There were 21,915 new cases and 326 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The second lockout has been announced for England, the largest and most populous part of the United Kingdom, with local lockdowns and strict restrictions already in place in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Scotland advised to stop going to and from England.

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Recent modeling by experts from Imperial College London, the University of Warwick, Cambridge University and others predicts that at least more than double the earlier this year – by December, if no more lockouts are imposed. One model estimated 4,000 deaths per day.

The modeling shown to Johnson and the ministers on Friday has changed the government’s regional approach, which has so far focused on a three-tiered warning system based on the number of cases at the local level, so as to boost the economy in the regions. Sector low cases may continue.

The first lockdown, announced on March 23, led to a sharp drop in new cases, deaths and hospital admissions. Vikas urged the ministers to launch the ‘Eat to Help Ait’ scheme in August, which is now facing criticism for being partly responsible for the increase in cases.

Other parts of the UK are already subject to strict local restrictions. Wales is locked until November 9; Scotland’s new five-tier system will take effect on Monday; And in Northern Ireland, pubs and restaurants were closed for four weeks on 16 October, with the exception of tabways and deliveries.

France, Belgium and Germany have already imposed strict sanctions as the second wave of Covid 19 spreads across Europe.

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