ESPN promotes commentators and strengthens team of correspondents in Europe TV News

ESPN promotes commentators and strengthens team of correspondents in Europe TV News

With Disney’s High Investment in Content and sporting events, ESPN Decided to increase the number of its international correspondents in Europe. As of August, commentator Gustavo Hoffmann will be able to go live on the channel’s sports programs directly from the Spanish capital, Madrid.

information collected by TV news, was confirmed by ESPN. The promotion already wanted Hoffmann, whose personal goal was to stay for a period of life experience on the European continent and to increase his knowledge of football. He leaves with his entire family from Brazil in July.

Gustavo Hoffmann will primarily act as a reporter on events, but will also be a commentator. Spanish championship matches and English, from afar. In Europe, ESPN already has three other names: Joo Castello-Branco and Natalie Gedra, based in England; and Andre Linares, who will remain in Spain, but in Barcelona.

Born in Campinas in the hinterland of So Paulo, Gustavo Hoffman is 40 years old and has been with ESPN since 2011. Before becoming a journalist, he played basketball for Sociedade Hipica and Tunis club in Campinas. He thought of pursuing a career at that time, but chose to become a sports journalist.

Prior to ESPN, Hoffman worked as a reporter for the Folha de es Paulo newspaper and the portal Terra. He was also a reporter for Trivela magazine and editor of the publication’s website. His arrival on TV was due to his vast knowledge of football in Europe, both in large centers and in less-targeted venues, such as in Eastern Europe.

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He was responsible for covering the Germany national team during the 2014 World Cup on ESPN channels – which he turned into a book titled 40 Days with the World Champions, in which he reported on the German title backstage in Brazil. He is already scheduled to cover the Qatar Cup in November, as predicted TV news Last week.

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