Ethel Maciel: “No longer a risk group. Being Brazilian is a risk group”

Ethel Maciel: “No longer a risk group. Being Brazilian is a risk group”

In an interview with TV247, the epidemiologist and professor at Euface said that the picture of the epidemic in Brazil has changed because now, hospitalizations and deaths of young people are increasing. For him, the entire population constitutes a “risk group”, creating extremely negative effects for the country. watch

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247 – Ethel Maciel, epidemiologist and professor at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFS), analyzed the picture of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil in an interview on TV 247. He highlighted the increase in admissions of young people since the beginning of the year, when vaccination began.

The teacher cited data from a technical note from Fiocruz dealing with admissions between January and May this year: “At the beginning of the year 80% of admissions were for people over the age of 60. Now only 30 percent in the last week of May. See what changes. In other words, ICU beds today are mostly occupied by people under the age of 60, with over 70% occupied,” Maisel said. “It’s very important. These are people who are in an economically active age, who are building their dreams, their lives. So, it’s going to have a huge impact for the country.”

Ethel said the figures for Covid-19 deaths followed the same trend. For him, the situation is so dire that there are no more “risk groups”: “Now, it’s practically 50-50. Who’s dying in 60 years, if I’m not mistaken, is 54%. So, this It’s the same for people under 60 and people over 60. This is to bring to light a very strong warning to the population, because there is no longer a risk group. I said today Brazil or Being Brazilian is a risk group. We are in a pandemic, where your chances of someone getting sick are very high. We are all at risk.”

*Ethel Maciel is a postdoctoral fellow in epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University and a full professor at EuFace. She was an advisor to the Ministry of Health on the National Immunization Plan against COVID-19. He was elected in March 2020 by the Ufes rectory community with the support of the University Council, but Bolsonaro refused to administer the oath to him..

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