EU fails to recognize Juan Guedo of Venezuela as Interim President

EU fails to recognize Juan Guedo of Venezuela as Interim President

The European Union said in a statement on Monday (25) that the 27 member countries of the block no longer consider Juan Guedo As executive chairman of Venezuela.

Guaidó is now a “privileged negotiator”.

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27 countries had already said on 6 January that they would no longer be able to legally recognize Guedo after losing his post as leader of parliament.

Opposition parties refused to participate in it Last parliamentary election of National AssemblyIn December 2020.

Despite believing that Guedu is the interim president of Venezuela, Europeans say the vote was not valid, and it was a lost opportunity for democracy.

Reacting to the social network, Guedo drew attention to this fact.

He is still seen as the legitimate leader of Venezuela by Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Why was Guaidó considered or President?

President Nicolas Maduro was contested in 2018. Venezuela’s opposition began to consider that since that vote was not valid, the post of president would be in the line of successor – in this case, Guado, who was the president of the National Assembly.

27 EU members said in a joint statement that he is part of the democratic opposition, despite a proposal by a European parliament last week to maintain Guado’s status as head of state.

The statement after the meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels said, “The representatives of the opposition parties elected to the 2015 Assembly of the European Union, and especially the European Union in Juan Guadou, gave their call for the freedom and security of all political opponents Repeated. ” “The European Union considers them important elements and privileged negotiators”.

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