Europe coronavirus: Covid-19 cases escalate, prompting millions to take drastic new measures

Europe coronavirus: Covid-19 cases escalate, prompting millions to take drastic new measures

The two-week “fire extinguisher” lockdown takes effect in Wales at 6pm local time on Friday, with everyone except critical workers expected to be at home.

Sanctions have been the hardest hit in Wales since the spring, when the United Kingdom was badly affected by the first wave of infection to defeat Europe.

Curfews have been imposed in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and elsewhere. Are offered.

Ireland on Thursday became the first country in Europe to review a national lockout.

Irish measures, which restrict social gatherings and require people to work from home, will remain in effect for six weeks until they provide some essential services.

‘Joint Efforts’

Welsh’s first minister, Mark Drakeford, has called on the country to come together to announce a two-week lockout plan.

“Firefighting time is our best chance to control the virus and prevent further damage to the national lockout.” “It’s a moment to get together, to play our part in a joint effort.”

Drakeford called the lockout “sharp and deep” and said all non-essential businesses such as shops, restaurants and bars should be closed from Friday evening to November 9. , “He said.

Drakeford also said that businesses affected by the lockout would receive the necessary assistance but called on the UK government to provide more funding.

The new restrictions in the Greater Manchester area mean that its 2.8 million inhabitants are not allowed to socialize at home with anyone they do not live in, nor meet in private gardens. In places like parks, door-to-door social events are limited to groups of six.

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All pubs, bars, gyms, and casinos that do not serve food should be closed. However, people can continue to visit restaurants and pubs that remain open because they provide “enough food” as long as they only eat with people while they live. In addition, Mankunians have been told to avoid all but the most urgent travels outside the region.

Curfew at night.

France’s overnight coronavirus curfew will be extended more widely across the country from Saturday to Saturday, affecting 46 million French people, Prime Minister Jean Costax announced on Thursday.

Castex said curfews were imposed on 38 French departments, or administrative areas, from 9pm to 6am. Out of 101 departments, a total of 54 departments would be placed under curfew. French Polynesia will also be under curfew, Castax said.

Measures are needed because “in France and Europe, the second wave is upon us,” Castax said, adding that the death toll would continue to rise.

According to figures released by the French Health Agency on Thursday, France has set a new record for daily coronavirus infections with 41,622 new cases in the last 24 hours.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases in France to 999,043, according to official figures. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are more than one million cases and more than 34,000 deaths in France.

Restricting external parties

A curfew will also be imposed in parts of Greece from Saturday night, as masks will be mandatory in view of the highest rates of infection.

The major cities of Athens and Thessaloniki are considered high-risk areas in the country’s four-tier system, as well as more than a dozen other areas, including Zante and Herculaneum.

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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who announced the new sanctions in a speech to the nation on Thursday, said Greece was in a better position than most European countries but warned that tough months would come.

Mitsotakis said the curfew was aimed at restricting outdoor parties and gatherings from 12.30am to 5am, with the highest increase in sightings among young people.

Another 882 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Greece on Thursday, a new daily record. It has announced 15 more deaths and 90 people are in the ICU.

A total of 28,216 cases and 549 deaths have been reported in Greece, according to the Greek National Public Health Organization.

CNN’s Chris Licos, Elinda Labropoulo, Vasco Kotovio, Maria Fleet, Barbara Vojazar and Gale Fournier contributed to this report.

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